Vision of Judgment

meanings by Al ahsaai


 Vision of Judgment

Of the view that the resurrection had happened to him to win and survive if the people of righteousness but of the people of corruption is warning him of the consequences of this and saw it had the place, the Justice simplifies in that place If his family oppressors avenged them or not wrong-doers Nasroa and Zfroa and saw has him alone was near him is of the opinion of the Signs of the time something like the blowing of the images and the rising of the sun from the west and exit animal and so the interpretation Ktaoal resurrection and said exit animal strife appear and destroy the people who survive others and exit of the Antichrist man of heresy appears in the people and the blowing of the Trumpet plague or warning the Sultan in the letter or other or travel in to the Hajj and the meeting of the creation of the account justice of God be in people imam just submit to them, or a great day Ishdonh It felt as if he took his right hand won the propriety and commendable beautiful and took him with his left hand perished sin, poverty and the need

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