Vision of laundry

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of laundry

The laundry is on the ways:

It is believed that he washed his clothes from dirt, it shows the goodness and salvation of grief, sadness, like a living religion and Yoffie if to wear them, but if not worn it without it.

The vision of clean laundry from the back if it is dirty corruption in religion and commit sins. It was the vision of the dirt from washing clothes to show repentance and washed semen repent from adultery and repentance washed the blood from murder and washed virginity repentance to earn haram.

The vision of washing clothes with cold water Vtúl on four aspects: repentance and salvation and well-being of Asir and security of fear.

The vision of washing clothes with hot water and sickness grieved and distressed. It was of the opinion that it is clean, wash clothes, an increase in piety and piety, and was told that this extravagance because it is not worth washing and was not the harm and no benefit nor praise or disparage.

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