Vision of men

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of men

Of seeing a man known to make something or give something, it is a given, toxic or his people. It was said of it he saw a man known for goodness and blessing, though it is absent or feet or experience came his book.

It felt: an old man known and has been an increase in their words of goodness and blessings for the Prophet’s words of peace: the pond in the senior companions. It was the vision of Sheikh known if mixer Chiba blackness be informed, especially if a serious and Sheikh unknown is the grandfather of the man who finds the more saw it as of decency, dignity and talk shows better and be in agreement for the purpose of the seer is the best and last resort, and all find it gets and it is in accordance with the purposes of all, although not Swadh left of anything, it is weaker and lesser. And was told the old man saw Ashraf is able to goodness.

In all, the vision of Sheikh devolve on four aspects: the best pool and eliminate the need and security.

It felt: a young adult, or a handsome face it Bishara and get better, whether known or unknown, and was told the man was unknown if he is not good is the enemy of the scene.

It felt: elders or youth group to understand the mercy, especially if it was them words of righteousness.

It felt: that none of them gave him anything, it is best, especially if the class loved that thing.

But felt that it is also well-Ati.

It felt: none of them is incomplete, the shortages was an elder in his grandfather, though he was a youth in his enemy shortages.

It felt: that Sheikh elderly and it is also not in favor of his religion, dignity and an increase in his honor, though an old man and the boy felt that it aspires and ignorant is not good, as well as women.

It felt: none of the women became so low, they accept him, but he woke up sick.

It felt: it became a very junior beautiful soft may die quickly.

It felt: it has become a long range is an increase in age and pageantry of the verse, “The Basta Zadeh in science and the body.”

It felt: that it is small or short sell his home or his mount, but this function was to isolate and defeat the bankruptcy, and perhaps he is afraid of death will come in the door of anecdotes that statement.

It felt: it is the decrease of the weakness and lack of religion and worldly affairs.

It felt: that his respite coverage of women it is the yoke of subordination and meanness, and that was in dispute reconcile his opponent.

The woman saw that her boy like a man and a beard Klhath, if a son prevailed upon his people, although the carrier came a son, and were not pregnant, they do not give birth to a son at all, and may go off the vision to her own or her husband or her father or her brother and said to get an honor for a male relative.

The woman saw it become a man or a women Tjama marry a woman they hit good and honor and glory and a male high.

It felt: a woman in this case, it sees nothing surprised him.

It felt: that he has a sin or a century or Hafra such as animals or hose or Salah Menkara it all and well.

It felt: it has feathers and wings it affects the principality and good.

It felt: it became a bird fly Faúl on three aspects: Travel and get something quickly or worship.

It felt: it has become an animal which can not be eaten his flesh, it humiliation and misfortune, but a function to isolate them and was known among the people and expose him as tainted.

It felt: it became a metal of metal, it uses a bit of things and get him good. It was of the opinion that he became a frog, it operates worship. It was of the opinion that he became an animal of Almmsokhat it indicates the wrath of Allah be upon him, and was deformed construed to ten aspects: the wickedness and disdain, anger and revenge and punishment and mockery and committing haraam and is obscene and humiliating and laughing.

It felt: it has become something of them and contained him and Astid or use, the enemy was his enemy, he gains it. It was of the opinion no one has known monster came to him and tell him or told him that he saw an animal so and jump out, he felt it is and marvel at it.

It felt: that the accident happened or deny what is awake there is nothing good in it.

It felt: he turned to the Salah, the family was in distress, it is located in the first and ordered him to get his nails and competence in the last command.

It felt: he turned to the corruption of the goodness of it is not good, but felt that other than it shows in Saad turnout in the religion and the world and the attainment of hopes.

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