Vision of palm trees


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of palm trees

 The sieving For ways:

Fraaah accrue if the people who cram into chromium in unknown, though it is unknown in the position against him .

 It felt: it rose from Palm, it could equally honest man, though fallen, it is not as hoped.

Vision and sieving indicating an honest man or born bar owner Dean and his origin indicates ten indicate abundance and to show those who do good and show a capacity to increase the family and a piece suggesting the death of a man Shafiq Sharif .

 The vision of wicker, palm leaves and fiber indicative of old money. It was the vision of palm trees at the home of the bachelor shows Mushardh for genuine man, and they dry in hand.

 It felt as if he Nkhala in a green house and then dry it indicates a disease of the people of his house and then healed sooner, and cut it dies a palm of his household.

 It felt as if he has a lot in the subject Nkhala palm things it follows that the number of men on the palm that was eligible for state and only hit a moneymaking luxury or workmanship.


Outline a vision flowers

 Saw the flowers of trees at the time and it is better for the benefit and eliminate the need.

 It felt: something of which he is Moktova without it and is better than Ibeidaha Ahmrha and Ahmrha better than Osfarha.

 It felt: he eats of the tree blooms in his time and it is too early to interpret words of Hassan, who attributed to him that the trees in assets as provided in separate trees, and perhaps for the benefit of those who attributed it to do so.

 It felt: that smell a thing of the flowers that it construed praise him and praise him, who attributed to him that the trees. It was the vision of the flowers that grow in the ground are many and construed aspects:

Fraaa flowers sentence indicates a picnic Khater and the extension of hope and was told that if he was premature and was not vilify the vision of that and some of them separated Asthoudrh, it saw a small yellow it is construed with money, especially for those who collected, and the small white it is construed dirhams, and perhaps shown the vision of small to Love or vision ÚÇÔÞ .

 It felt: a thing of the flower does not know his name is not known what it is construed in two ways: either to see different people Almbos did not know or something woven in which multiple colors.

Shows the pure vision of floral scent in terms of the sentence, whether yellow or others to praise good, especially for those who snorted, and if they do not have a smell may be two or something does not last for his vision, and perhaps a little long. It was the vision of Venus was a good one if a single construed Bdnaah whatever he saw of the accident is Aúb his life to the meaning “flower of life Naftnhm it . “

 It felt: it is withered, it demise minimum. The flower is growing in the earth without a leg, such as branch and melons, and so it proved not to be interpreted as the seer is the good or evil.

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