Vision of paradise a living God that by His grace and generosity



Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of paradise a living God that by His grace and generosity

Of the opinion that he entered Paradise he gets his joy and pleasure and the gospel of God’s blessings to the Almighty and said to the security of the verse, “Enter it in peace safe.”

It felt: that eating fruits of Paradise, or gave him one and ate some of it up to him by the good and comfort.

It felt: that eating fruit and eating it with his hand to learn science and religion do not get pious biography utilized.

It felt: as if in paradise with poplar did not know where it will be a blessing in this life and the enthusiasm to the expiration of him.

It felt: he wanted to enter into heaven, but to prevent the tendency in the world to corruption and disobedience.

It felt: the gate of Paradise was closed in his face be hampered by the parents.

It felt: it was near to Paradise and then reply it gets sick and lead to the death of his illness was cured.

It felt: that the angels had taken his hand to heaven, he repents towards Allaah with true repentance and the travels of the world soon.

It felt: he was told that he did not enter into heaven by avoiding religion.

It felt: he was told that he enter paradise gets his inheritance.

It felt: that tuberculosis will enter Paradise sword and he commands what is right and forbid what is evil.

It felt: that sitting under a tree Blessed gets him what he wants in this world and the Hereafter, for the verse, “Blessed are they good journey ‘.”

It felt: that he drank in Paradise drink, or to us, it becomes a rich knowledge and wisdom.

It felt: that he had abstained from paradise Yes it shows misguidance and lack of religion to the verse, “involves God God has forbidden Paradise to him.”

It felt: that he had handed one of the fruits of Paradise, it takes advantage of his knowledge.

It felt: that he had delivered in the Paradise fire, it eats a grove of something forbidden.

It felt: he gave the palace in Paradise gets a mandate to marry or are ongoing.

It felt: Radwan, a hilarious and soon gets his pleasure, grace and joy of the verse, “Tpettm Vedjloha dwell.”

It felt: that a high place in the form of a heaven and that heaven is calculated to reach a just Sultan Fadel or sang or world factor.

It felt: that he is heading to heaven it exhibits the way of truth.

It felt: that the keys to Paradise, death occurs on the uniformity of the Prophet’s words of peace: the key to Paradise is no god but God and Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah.

It felt: it happened in heaven and some that do not fit to be the sins he commits.

And if the patient that he had entered paradise it shows his death and burial of the verse, “who Ttovahm angels of purity, saying peace you Enter Paradise,” and to be paradise here the tomb of the Prophet peace be upon him: the tomb of the gardens of Paradise or a hole from digging fire .

Ja’far al-Sadiq said may Allah be pleased with him: the vision of heaven shall devolve on nine aspects: science and asceticism, from, and Faraj and gospel and the good and blessing, happiness and security .


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