Vision of prayer

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of prayer

Of the opinion that he prayed the east, the famous seer was a good pilgrimage, but otherwise its tendency to be dhimmis. It was of the opinion that he prays east or west it deviates from Islam make it violates the law.

It felt: he prays to the north with his back towards the Qibla renounce Islam behind his back to the verse, “Venbdhuh behind their backs.” And may I ask the woman her rectum or operated by others, and was probably alive and if he repent this seer of the people of religion and righteousness.

It felt: people in the mosque praying to Mecca is the President of that isolated place.

It felt: a world is praying to Mecca, or work other than the year has gone against the law and follow the passion.

It felt that his prayer for the time missed can not find a position or place in which to pray that he shows is difficult and was told it can not request something in the ordered world and the Hereafter.

It felt: that he will lead a people in prayer, it shall amend the state, although not eligible for the correct and fit his case.

It felt: that he will lead a people unknown in an unknown location and does not know what he read in honor of the death, so let him fear his Lord.

It felt: he prays towards Mecca straight line it follows Sharia and the Sunna.

It felt: that he will lead a people as much as it is high and the entry into force of a command.

It felt: he prays in the market there is nothing good in it. It was of the opinion that he will lead a people place that requires the chief of that place looks good and it gets his progress on the other and be heard to say.

It felt: he prays it back for time and clarity of Murad and the date of increase. It was of the opinion that he is praying back it he gains his need and memorize all the asking, and that was the Friday prayer, it is to him all what he wants and of what Aamlh and gets him the grace of Allaah in this world and the Hereafter, for the verse, “And when the prayer ended, then disperse in the land and seek the grace of God “.

It felt: that he prayed the afternoon prayer it for Murad but after hardship.

It felt: he prays Morocco, which is required by good or evil is said to be urgent and lead dowry of his wife.

It felt: he prays Last Supper it treats his relatives and gets his pleasure and said to get his deception and crying to the verse, “and brought their father weeping.”

It felt: he prays the morning it for money and win old and was told that he promised to soon come to him, good or bad depending on what is expected for the verse, “The promised place the morning is not waxing a relative” and the condition as we have said that, every prayer on time complete, the got a shortage or It stores and increasing abuse said.

It felt: that of a missed prayer pray these prayers, it indicates to spend his religion. It was of the opinion that he who prays and the lack of something which it travels, and that it was a woman menstruate. It was of the opinion that no prayer is not the toilet.

It felt: he prays without the light and it gets sick.

It felt: he prays in a place where prayer is not permissible, it is corruption in his religion. It was of the opinion that the prayer with the imam, he missed the match, and realized the last prayer and then completed by a solo is not nothing wrong with that.

It felt: he prays in the desert it in two ways: either travel or pilgrimage.

It felt: that bow down to God he thanked God and the length of his life.

It felt: he sat in the greetings, it is better to increase.

It felt: it was recognized from the north there is nothing good in it.

It felt: he prays sitting down or lying, it indicates the inability to things, and perhaps indicated by malaise or body to old age.

It felt: that he asked God in prayer and boy kicking it to the verse, “Lord, when he cried hidden appeal.”

It felt: he prays goes without working a good work to draw closer to God, though the night goes Voluntary indicates that something alive Mahmoud says, “It is night, it goes without Vtahjd you,” verse. And perhaps a thousand hearts dispersion between their desires and their demise was distressed.

It felt: he prays all night to get it good in the world and the Hereafter economical share of the Almighty God.

It felt: he prays over the Kaaba is the commission that violates the law.

It felt: that he prayed in a mosque of the three it has a weakening of wages and proof of acceptance of his work, but I pray that mosque, school, or that it is appropriate to increase in good works, and was told to pray in places considered security and Salah and mercy. It was the vision of the Friday prayers to show for the travel and subsistence.

It felt: that the Church prays or what fits on the law, the legitimate speech are superior to one of the people of the Book and oppress.

Said protruding crossing: Prayer construed in three ways: and the year of duty and volunteered As for the obligatory Hajj and indicative of avoidance of immorality and evil of the verse, “the prayer forbids indecency and evil.”

The year indicative of cleanliness and patience on the hated fame and good will and compassion on the creation of Allaah.

The volunteer Fidel to expand on his family and friends to carry out missions and neighbor and to show virility with each one.

It felt: he prays to it for an animal they are.

It felt: that he prolonged his prayers do not kneel, the money was a reason why he should fear God and Zakat but it has existed in him is not the result of his goodness please.

It felt: he knelt down and prolonged the prostration in which it was not long repentance, and was probably short-lived right woman to repentance.

It felt: that it is his prayer Palace travel to the verse, “If the travel through the earth is no sin on you to shorten your prayers.”

It felt: he laughs at it many prayers to God Fletb fun.

It felt: he prays while drunk, it is witnessing false testimony to the verse “Do not go near prayer when you are drunk until you know what you say.”

It felt: he prays, a hand, it is corruption in religion and a decrease in its affairs and Tbeefha it.

In all, the vision of prayer shall devolve on the seven aspects: security and pleasure and tidy and Izz Al Faraj after the intensity and get Murad and eliminate the need.

The vision also prostrate on five aspects: the state and intended for and win the victory and to comply with God’s command to the verse, “O ye who believe, bow down and prostrate yourselves and worship your Lord,” verse. It was said that prayer is answered prayer for the dead was said to accept intercession, and prayer was commendable in terms of the sentence in any case in religion and the world and demonstrate the understanding and the attainment of the presidency of hope and Neil and spend the state religion or the performance of duties or the establishment of the Secretariat of God.

It felt: he prays it will be back in his affairs and his middle and gets according to Ezz serenity that day.

It felt: he prays the times it shows that he has passed in which the student or the most part, leaving nothing but a few.

It felt: he prays Morocco it is the reform of what is required of his dependents.

It felt: he prays dinner it is treated as dependents by their hearts rejoice.

It felt: he prays the morning it starts happening it is because of his or her Salah.

It felt: he prays sitting down for no reason, the work is incomplete.

It felt: he prays passengers fall ill, it is great fear and fatigue.

It felt: the property of his people and his flock to pray, a passenger and they also were in the war construed nail and repentance and the length of life and survival and for the collection of money.

It felt: he prays on the wall, and so it is subject to some of the presidents.

It felt: he prays standing and pray the people sitting behind him, it shall not be driven to it is attributed to that.

It felt: he prays sitting down and people are praying standing behind him Vtobeirh against the above.

It felt: that he will lead men and women, it would be good in the mode of reform among the people, though qualified to be judges, it is being handled.

It felt: that the people in prayer goes without income to ensure that does not harm him. It was of the opinion that he became an imam, it inherits the legacy of the verse, “and make them leaders and make them inheritors.”

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