Vision of Representatives

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of Representatives

Of saw it one of the deputies and the State of Almighty, and may indicate a vision for the MP to the Sultan that he based his place and said in the language group of the vice. It was the vision of MP indicate the stability of the fact that things are mistyped as well.

It felt: that the Deputy Sultan, it has remained a constant and increasing the pageantry and very good other than as if he saw that he was Deputy Sultan Vtobeirh against him.

The vision of prosecutors interpreted the derivation of the name of cities Kalsham from the good, and Aleppo from the Aleppo livelihood, and Tripoli from Trian What is the pleasure, and protectors of Hamma, and Safed of Safa and say otherwise, and Karak of immunization and was efficient as it needs to derive the name Turk, and Jerusalem from the cleansing and mercy, of gas and Gaza, and the splendor of Bahnasa years, and is measured on it the rest of the prosecution is also provided .

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