Seeing The Vision of rocks, stones and gravel In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of rocks, stones and gravel In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of rocks, stones and gravel In The Dream Interpretation of Al zahri Vision of rocks, stones and gravel

Kirmani said: the vision of the rocks and stones construed in two ways: money and a great man, it is felt that the king of something that, if it is for soft money, but it was a solid man could take his place as much as that.

It felt: he lifted a stone, it comes with a white man and a good print of it affects the good and benefit.

It felt: that yellow lift a stone or stones, it comes with a man moonstruck malignant Khater.

The red stone it is a little religion.

The stone Wheatear it construed a man a hypocrite, and maybe to affect it contains money from a man a hypocrite in any manner whatsoever.

It felt: it combines stone, it gets its money from the travel, although the stones of the wilderness it gets that money and hated the trick.

It felt: he threw a stone in his hand to the stone, it gives money to a man makrooh.

It felt: that collection of small stones or Mxworha minute, it brings money and seize it.

It felt: a human being stoned last stone he accused Bzna or for a great, perhaps indicated by the word bad is it in the right and the impact on the estimated incidence, impact and rock men cruel hearts of the verse, “and then hardened your hearts,” but is of relevance.

It felt: it is actually a rock to Ikalaa it tries to be difficult and the amount it as much as that.

It felt: that the great rocks fell, people expect a war does not count, and probably occurred when free or cold and gets to his family in love or a raid.

It felt: it invalidates the rock it is looking for a win and as far as it set aside in the Rock.

It felt: he rides a stone, if he married and single, but it is functioning in the order of things.

It felt: he was beaten with a stick Fanflguet rock came out of water, the poor, was sacked, although the rich richer, and perhaps an order and mandate of the force and the rule of the verse, “we said to smite him with thy rod the stone exploded twelve eye” verse. Perhaps for livelihood Hin.

It felt: he was hung in the neck by a stone it for evil and love.

It felt: it was based on the amount of man. The king of stone trigger it fast take it.

It felt: it passes on a rock and reiterates that it insists in command of the great man and it affects and gets unintentional, in that some of them sang in the sense in poetry:

As you see the water … repeat it in the rock may impact endocrine

The marble capital and the joy of it.

The flint it in the science of speech as stone, but more and more powerful, and was construed gravel money and science, said gravel young people or scholars, and said he put gravel account.

It felt: that birds descended from heaven and Zaretha Valtqt pebble on his clothes or swallowed it countless note, and perhaps for usefulness.

It felt: he threw Bhsah in a sea of ​​gold money in it.

It felt: he threw a pebble in a well, it spends money in the marriage or buying a server.

It felt: it aims at something Pebble, the interpretation was that it buys what it construed that, if not his interpretation of it is a given.

It felt: it aims Bhsah it throws a man to speak and be as much as the amount of injury.

It felt: that he had signed a pebble in his ear it hears words offend him and gets him harm. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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