Vision of sadness



Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of sadness

The grief, Ibn Sirin said: It is sad that he felt joyless, it shows the joy and pleasure.

It felt: it is sad and joyless distress plus it shows to get money from the coffers of kings on the amount of worry and sadness.

It felt: it is still distress Vtaoelh otherwise.

It felt: sad that it is alive and joyless great joy and great pleasure to the verse, “Vothapkm mine Bgm” verse.¬†Especially if the seer of the people of religion and righteousness shall be informed of joy and pleasure, but from the people of corruption, he must get out of Sakra g.

The slapping Universal access is a disaster or hated or were or g or regret.

The wailing, it is alarming and doing what is not permissible, and may have been coming down and the best one who saw it, especially if the screaming Vtkon greatest calamity

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