Vision of science


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of science

The flag is of two types: Type of kings called Snagqa and compassion for the poor and the type of which is forbidden in wholesale construed a man or a scholar or Imam Zahid or brave or rich, or generous, or follow the example of horse people do.

It felt: that the note in his hand, it comes with one such, and it gets him good.

It felt: that the king gave him a note of the meeting by the military, it gets him wealth and honor, especially if the flag is white or green, though it fell from his hand away from merit and honor.

The yellow flag Fidel dieback.

The black flag Vmahmoud for judges, speakers and a relative of the Caliph and others hated.

And told that the woman felt as if they were buried three flags Vqst vision to Ibn Sirin said that ratified the supervision of your vision Marrying three kill you and it was so.

And the vision of red flags in the place indicated on the war.

And the vision of zero indicates the flags to the beat of plague in the camp.

Green flags and vision show on the travel of the good.

And the vision of white flags to indicate rain.

And the vision of black flags indicate the drought.

In all, the vision of science construed five aspects: the honor and prestige travel and Izz and well-being.

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