Vision of sitting



Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of sitting

The sitting, some crossings: I like sitting on what was up, I tried it again.

Ibn Sirin said: I am astonished at those who prevail on earth how not one bit above the arm, especially if he is sitting on what is good like in real life.

It felt: he sat on the ground it is stable at his command.

Vision of the gift

The gift, it is considered that guides a gift for a loved and was kind of an actor is Salah and effect and all obtained from the owner what he wants, but the type that hated it receives from each other is hated. It was of the opinion that he gave him a gift he marries a good woman.

It felt: it gave him a gift from Sheikh Mahmoud or old it is, but it was a young man or young woman Fbkhalaffh. It was of the opinion that he gave a gift to be returned that it shows for their words of hate like him, and might have been hoped from him.

The gift, it is felt that to give a gift but it was kind enough to gift a person it is sent to him an enemy

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