Vision of sleep


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of sleep

As for sleep, it is felt that it was sleeping in the corruption of religion, and was probably unaware of the interests of himself to the words of Imam Ali Karam Allah face: If people are sleeping dead ended, came in supplication O Allah warned us from the sleep of the heedless.

It felt: it is lying on the scruff of his neck, it strengthens his command and accept their own and become the world under his hands because the land rest and have a strong mind.

It felt: that it goes asleep Mbtouh wealth and weaken the strength and feel the course of circumstances and does not know how things are acted, and was told to sleep at his luck and happiness, Mahmoud, and in that sense some of them said:

If the happiness of Ahztk eyes … all of them Fears of safety

It felt: that it is safe drowsiness that appears in the verse, “as drowsiness Agshekm secure it.” It was said that he saw the weak asleep it healed, though he deems it is in a war it is afraid of him.

Sleep and rest for the verse, “And We made your sleep” any comfort.

In all, the vision of sleep construed eight aspects: security, comfort and negligence, corruption, death and money to go and the strength and weakness of Sanaa.

The vigilance and they interpreted the movement seriously and demand for obedience.

It felt: as if he was sleeping and woke up to find it in command was unaware of it.

It felt: it awakened sleeping it provides guidance as to the path of truth, and he said some of the crossings:

O how much lying a lie … and then watch from the day before the re-

It felt: that the one that awakened Venzir.

In all, the vision of vigilance devolve on five aspects: payment in the works and the inherent religious and worldly matters and return for something denied by Islam and the many reasons and on livelihoods and the increase in age

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