Vision of the appeal



Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the appeal

The Appeal construed it in the faces of good and evil.

Ibn Sirin said: appeal and are distressed to hear in that place, who got the call, though he heard a call of an unknown in an unknown location has not answered it shows his death, and the answer indicates that the weakness.

It felt: that he heard the crying of an appeal or the like, it is for joy and pleasure.

It felt: he can hear the call of the laughing and chuckling that it Dd.

It felt: he can hear the call when it doubt heard talk Igmh.

It felt: that calling calls out to the people in general order of apparent and his OK to the wisdom and the caller an old man or from the dead or a name indicating good or Simith of the righteous or be in a mosque or in the position of CNRS and the like, it would be all what he said the truth.

Even if the caller there is nothing of these descriptions is not accepted by the seer does not take her and do not express in words.

The caller who calls out to sell something, it shows the lies and demonization, and he said some of the applicants wanted to punish the devil Vliezb Dalala auctioneer and the meaning of the muezzin.

Vision whining

With regard to hearing the whining is not good for the vulnerability.

It felt: it shows that the groaning need to spend and get the nail.

Embrace the vision of

The hugs, there are two: it is felt that no one hugged his hand and make it Manath by Zafar, although it is not err Almaang that Mahmoud, and was hugging and loving contact.

It felt: he hugged anyone, whether alive or dead, it shows the length of his life, and was perhaps indicated by hugs on the arrival of the Peace or absent.

Vision farewell

The farewell, it felt as if it is his wife filed divorce her.

It felt: that no one is filed, it leaves him either death or life or immorality, and perhaps indicates the death of the applicant.

It felt: that a people or Eodonh filed for separation from his case it turns out then that is not due to its ideals, and perhaps quarreling them.

It felt: that no one is filed, it is good because it interpreted on five aspects: a review of the absolute and reconciliation partner to do something that is a result of the profit and re-store owner and the state to cure the patient, and sang some of the meaning of a poem:

If you see a farewell … go forth and Émnk baad

Lute and wait for close to … the heart of farewell returned

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