Vision of the bag


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the bag

As for the bag, it construed the flesh, and was told women.

It felt: something in the bag of dirhams and dinars, or the like, it shows the grace and goodness as much as the empty bag and saw him, and perhaps indicates a near empty bag because the bag for him in the interpretation of the body of the man.

Ibn Sirin said: bursa man’s heart and stomach.

And told that a man came to Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him said: O Commander of the Faithful see if I opened the bag, what I found when something said to him, the bag body of man and dirhams his words and said Where I can find in the bag, something it is interpreted to cut your talk of the world when he returned the man on his way to his home kicked a horse was killed, as well as if the bag upside down so that Menkosa out where everything is not left in the thing.

It felt: it shows a flat bag to disclose his secret.

It felt: he cut a string bag it shows mute his secret, and put a stamp on the bag is to save his secret.

It felt: that seal bag is empty it is construed to mute his lie.

It felt: that the bag is lost, the AED was in it it shows on his advice to others, and lost the words, but not when it shows dirhams lie.

It felt: he gave the bag to his wife or his concubine it shows attached to his heart and he joined with other.

It felt: sew it upside down it indicates that it attached to the heart of his family to others.

It felt: that in the bag dirhams showy it shows the functioning of his heart discounts color.

It felt: it is dissipated from the bag, it ceased to discounts. It was felt in the sack of dirhams many showy, if a merchant demonstrates the bankruptcy, although the dealer is not good, though it cuts off the property.

It felt: a bag when it interpret something good and bad Vlienbar what was in it.

It felt: cyst had hernia and went to the bag in which the body construed and interpreted pair of money.

It felt: in the bag worm, it shall be construed in two ways: either one betrays him or near him.

In all, the vision of the empty bag devolve on four aspects: the secret envy Maktoum, poverty and humiliation.

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