Vision of the balance


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the balance

The balance of the judge interpreted it, it saw a new government balance denominated in it shows to be in that place a judge or jurist Mtdinan.

And the vision of the balance indicates the judge heard.

The vision of dirhams which Bkivh balance indicates antagonism at the judge.

And the vision of the balance of cymbals show justice judge between the two.

It felt: the balance of integrity in the event they tend to one side it shows the judge fairness and justice.

It felt: that the balance is not Bmqoma it indicates a lack of justice for the judge of that place and the lack of justice and his betrayal of his government.

It felt: The column has broken the balance, it indicates the death of the judge of that place.

In all, the vision of the balance construed to six aspects: judge the world and jurist and an engineer and the rule of the values ​​and the rule of crooked.

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