Vision of the beard

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Beard: For a man, a beard in a dream signifies wealth, honor and dignity. If it is moderately long or well trimmed in the dream, it means earning respect, rising in rank, prosperity, beauty and sovereignty. If only the sides of one’s beard are long and not the middle section in the dream, it means that one will work to save money for someone else. If one’s beard is too long and lacks proper trimming in a dream, it means indebtedness, distress and suffering from depression. If it becomes long to the extent of reaching the floor in the dream, it means death. If one’s beard grows long and thick in a dream, it means longevity or increase in one’s wealth. If it reaches his belly in the dream, it means that he does not obey God’s commands. If it grows longer than one’s grip in the dream, it means that one lives from the interest he earns from usury. If the hair of one’s beard is black in the dream, it means prosperity and satisfaction in one’s life. Ifits color is greenish-black in the dream, it means extended wealth, power and rulership, unless if one is a tyrant, for the color of Pharaoh’s beard was greenish-black. If the color of one’s beard yields to yellow in the dream, it means poverty and illness. If its color is blondish in the dream, it means a scare. If one grabs his own beard in the dream and ifits hair falls into his hand, and ifhe keeps holding to the hair, it means incurring financial losses then recovering them, unless one discards the hair in the dream. Pulling someone’s from his beard in the dream means inheriting him. If one sees a young boy who has not reached the age of puberty having a beard in a dream, it means the child’s death. Ifthe child’s beard is just starting to grow in the dream, it means that he will grow to lead and command people. If one’s beard is shallow and if it makes him look fatuous in a dream, it means payment of one’s debts or easing of his trouble or dispelling of his distress. If one’s beard looks childish or completely immature in the dream, it means losing people’s respect. Ifthe color of one’s beard is gold in the dream, it means that he will lose some respect and perhaps half of his wealth. Seeing one-halfof one’s beard shaved in a dream means poverty. If an unknown young person shaves one’s beard in a dream, it means loss of dignity and injury caused by one’s enemy or competitor or someone who carries the same name. If an old man shaves his beard in a dream, it means that he will lose his good reputation at the hand of a profiteer and an overpowering enemy. If one’s beard is cut off in a dream, it means financial losses valued at how far it is trimmed. Clipping what is longer than man’s grip of one’s beard in a dream means paying

the due alms tax. Cutting off someone’s beard in a dream means swindling his inheritance. A white beard in a dream means honor, dignity and good fame. If one’s beard turns gray, leaving few black hairs in the dream, it means earning respect. If all its hair becomes gray in the dream, it means poverty and loss of integrity. Seeing one’s wife having a beard in a dream means increase in one’s wealth or growth ofthe son’s business, or sickness of one’s wife, or it could mean that she will no longer be able to conceive children, though if she had a son, it means that he will control the entire family. If a woman sees herself having a beard in a dream, it means losing her husband and if she is a widow, it means that she will marry a hard-working man who is compatible with her. If a pregnant woman sees that in a dream, it means that she will beget a son, and if she has a quarrel with someone, it means that she will win the battle and stand for herself with dignity and courage. Plucking one’s facial hair or beard in a dream means wasting money. If one’s beard and head is shaved in a dream, it means recovering from an illness, satisfying one’s debts or dispelling sorrow and distress. Having an extraordinarily long beard that one can spin and weave as a cloth, then sells it in his dream means that he will forge a testimony. Clipping one’s beard in a dream also means losing money. One’s beard in a dream also represents his job, business, clothing, gains and losses. Cutting off the hair of one’s beard with one’s own teeth in a dream means sufferings, distress and trouble. Swearing by the honor of one’s beard in a dream may denote either one’s truthfulness or lies, his stinginess or generosity. One’s beard in a dream also could represent his wife. If a farmer finds the hair of his beard black in a dream, it means that he should start harvesting his crop. A white beard could denote illness or frailty. Ifone’s beard in wakefulness is gray and he sees its color black in a dream, it means strength, determination, firmness, certainty, having great energy and exuberance. Ifone’s beard in his dream seems longer than the usual, it means being a spendthrift, wasting money, engaging in gambling and sporting games, or suffering from depression, or beingtroubled by circumstances. If a subversive and a sinful person sees himself having a beard in a dream, it means that he will repent of his sins. If a misguided person sees himself having a beard in his dream, it means that he will receive guidance. If a woman grows a beard in her dream, it means that she is trying to be a man, or it could mean insolence or engaging in wrongdoing. If a child sees himself having a beard in a dream, it means longevity. Loving a beard and kissing it in a dream means lacking determination or will, regardless ifit is his own beard or ifit is someone else’s beard. If a straw or anything sticks to one’s beard in a dream, it means hearing bad words. Shaving half of one’s beard in a dream means losing one’s source of income or loss of one’s dignity. Holding the beard of one’s uncle in a dream means unjustly inheriting him. If a woman sees herself having a beard like a man in a dream, it means that she will never beget children, unless if she has a reddish beard as the natural color ofher hair. However, for a man, to have a reddish beard in a dream means trials and temptation and particularly if some gray hair is also mixed with it. (Also see Face; Scissors; Shaving; Twisting a rope)

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the beard

Who saw his beard over the long of it and was told they are distressed debt and regret, and said to lightness and lack of mind or lack of management and stupidity.

It felt: it attracts a beard down it near him and run out of old was said and remorse for disaster.

It felt: Some of his beard are gathered and became a place or less felt that it became a bare right of a decrease in all respects.

It felt: that the lack of a beard or saw a shortage of them is Sean, that evidence of the decrease worry and distress and spend his religion.

It felt: that his beard flying, there are two: it was said that indicates that he is innocent he was sick, though he spent owes his religion, though he went worried worry and distress.

It felt: that no one was arrested from his beard is Eelam (LTTE), it would be guided by him in all his affairs and that is disposed in all its attachment.

It felt: that Aqurmt his beard with his teeth, it indicates the dullness and absurdity of the mind, and insert it into his mouth without Qurmth indicates that there is no predilection those disparaging nor praise.

It felt: his beard littered than doubled, it indicates to sudden death.

It felt: he combed his beard and fragrance, it indicates to the events of Tfl in his interest and proceed with its affairs.

The opinion of others to do so by Venzirh, though he did is the third party shall be Alvakr.With regard to shaving the beard in the days of Hajj, or in the months campus Vtobeirh as an expression of shaving the head is also provided.

It felt: that his beard had been marred by three hairs, it mostly to an increase in Ibhth and the sanctity and dignity.

But felt that it has become white, it is very weak in strength and lack of privacy and a decrease in the money.

It felt: that the woman grew a beard, it devolves on seven aspects: that she was pregnant had a child said, and were not pregnant, did not give birth at all, although it has a child there is his people, and that was a widow she married, though she was married, she becomes a widow who are distressed the HTC and the scandal was said to attract the beard shows for inheritance.

It felt: it is marred by what he hates, he felt invincible and was told by his superior. It was a vision of gray hair for young people interpreted the arrival of absent.

It felt: that it violates the Chiba Pluck year and showing contempt for the people of the good, and it was said that the longevity of the gray hair on him “then you will be old men.”

It felt: his beard white and where some of the little black thing is on three aspects: if it is absent he is fond of him, and perhaps provide him or come to him was born a male or the length of his life.

It felt: that his hair has become a plant of the plants change if it was poverty and shame.

The hemoglobin in the beard, it demonstrates the subtle acts and acts of worship and conceal poverty from the people, and perhaps on the artificiality and hypocrisy dyed his hair if other than the Muslims.

It felt: that he dyed his hair did not comment hemoglobin, it covers what is known of the condition of the people commented hemoglobin God cover the defect with him.

It felt: that Echtill ventricle and the like, which is not Altkhaddb it, it covers the case legalize so as not to disappear on people or get hurt and alarmed to say people do not Takhtill without henna, as well as in all members and said pigment toes with henna construed lot of praise for the women’s interpreted in truth her husband to it. And that her fingers felt as if it does not appear Khaddpt her love.

The man saw that Sheena Mkhaddob Khaddaba it in the large number of his pension.

It felt: that his hand with henna Mkhaddobh it shows sophistication in its industry and keep people on his property and the best hands in the inscription is not good for women. It was the vision of the hair if it is in the body and long in length plus a twist shows up for a multitude of capital gain, and he saw the white mite have his food, and saw it go scattering money.

It felt: that he painted anything from his hair or beard, whether in the body or in the head unless it Accessories Wiesel, the shed is worried and distressed, and was told something of the fat it has the smell of praise and good. It was of the opinion that even his hair or his beard water Sail and he did not do so and it is a duty to inform others or to share it with others.

It felt: it fell from lice comb or so it spends money from the inheritance.

It felt: that shave the hair under the scruff of his neck beard or shave it eliminate debt.

It felt: it grew on his tongue felt it wiser and a statement, poetry and wit, but to come out of the reduction is attributable to worry and grief, and was told that the hair in terms of the wholesale money and was felt eyelid and ear, nose, well what did not exceed the limit, but still human hair from one place requires the removal is not wrong with it, but remove them from the place where it is not okay to be Mahmoud.

Vision of the tongue

The tongue and it is the human interpreter, it is felt his tongue long adversarial when it was said Zafar innocent of what it claims to be and the length of the tongue to the governor very well in what will be.

It felt: that his tongue tied shows poverty and disease, and said to prevail and misfortune, and perhaps that was blameworthy in many ways.

It felt: that it amounts to Sanin it is Mahmoud flags if at all.

And the vision of what the tongue is not Mahmoud, and perhaps people on the show disadvantages.

It felt: in his tongue that may harm him or deny it is not like him in real life Mahmoud and eloquence of the tongue and the logic of wisdom and sweetness of speech.

It felt: that long tongue to speak it a lot, and perhaps simplifies to a harmful.

It felt: that his tongue had him out of his mouth in his hand and make it up to friendly.

It felt: it is biting his tongue regret it.

It felt: that he viewed the tongue, it kept him from slipping.

It felt: that his tongue black, it would be a poet.

It felt: it is yellow, it indicates the disease, and change the color of the tongue is not Mahmoud.

It felt: that he was silenced by the weight of it or corruption in his religion.

It felt: that his tongue cut it Salah in his religion, and perhaps a few words what was not in quarreling, if there are it tireless for his argument is good, although the patients die, and saw it with a fork or the holder of the position of The death of writer or Torgomana was said isolated from the power and said to the yoke of subjection, and was probably said tongue Rights and sincerity of the verse, “and give me the tongue of truth in others.”

Vision of dental

The teeth in the interpretation to understand the people of the house and Alqraúb As for the highest men of, and the Alosavl Vnsoh, and the Canine Vsad his family or his convenience, and was told that the canine right upper boy takes the place of his father and left without him, and was left with the left and maternal uncle said to Omar’s vision, and the folds metadata Valemeny father and uncle left, perhaps Lakhan Oman or their deputies and others in the advice and compassion, and the lower Quartets cousin or aunt, sisters, daughters, and was told their sons and brothers premolars, and was uncle and aunt.

He met Almabron that it saw what Lixin teeth, the highest were crossed with men, although they had been crossed Alosavl women, and was told the lower folds mother and aunt and grandmothers and grandfathers molars.

It felt: it grows beside him something of his that it takes advantage of those attributed to him about the two or who act in his place and Astiak dental evidence of an argument between members of his household.

It felt: that in his teeth resorted It is a defect of his household is due to him, and perhaps indicates that the increase Hassan because he recommended when people were said Falaj teeth beautiful tribute to his house, and fatigue teeth fatigue case and the weakness of the purity of the teeth shows to make money in denial worries and whiteness of teeth, length and completeness of increase power and prestige.

It felt: that his age he grew disheartened was hurt or harm.

It felt: that no one takes off his teeth indicates that it is cut or mercy spend his money to hate him.

It felt: that year took place in the earth Vtlqah indicates that it generates has not born the Atlgah indicated by the death of one of his relatives.

It felt: that the teeth had not mixed it very Mahmoud.

It felt: that his teeth or something which has increased in length is good and Mahmoud, and Nqsoa or Sgerwa Vdd and was told that the small teeth indicate good and demonstrates the enormous, the Annunciation.

It felt: that something of his teeth fell into his lap or Sarra on his clothes or in his hand and signed it shall be construed in two ways: either place holder or benefit money.

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