Vision of the bird


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the bird

As for the bird, it construed a huge man and mighty in power, it is felt that a bird hit it periodically Istmcn of that man.

It felt: he hit a king or Asforh Ktaoal it that, but of women.

It felt: that chick hit a bird, it interpreted the accession was born.

It felt: that in his bird had flown, it is no longer the death of his son.

It felt: he sews the eyes of birds, it deceives the boys and plotted them.

It felt: that he is tampering with Balasaver Bavrakhha or tampering with it boys, these birds may be money.

It felt: it has infected many sparrows, it follows a group, and perhaps the presidency.

It felt: a bird entered in his throat, the child has had it drops into a well.

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