Vision of the dead

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the dead

Of the opinion that the dead had lived it for good and pleasure, especially if the deceased optimistic.

It felt: that his father had lived, a predecessor of clothing divorced face it for the State and the enthusiasm of Izz and Neil and regularity of work.

It felt: that his mother had lived it for relief after distress.

It felt: that his wife had lived it lacks.

It felt: that his son had lived it for more than his enemy.

It felt: that his son had lived it gets to him after the destruction, pleasure.

The woman saw that her son had lived, it gives birth to a son. But felt that her sister had lived strengthens the weak. But felt that her brother had lived, it provides them absent .

It felt: that a person has lived a strange situation that it is the integrity of the Dead, it is felt that revived the dead, it delivers on his infidel.

It felt: that his parents have lived or are not Mstbharin it falls short in the interest of himself.

It felt: that his brother had lived it testifies to the increased power.

It felt: that his sister had lived and soon gets his pleasure.

It felt: that his uncle or his uncle had lived it testifies to the high regard and increase the pot.

It felt: that one of his companions had lived he heard news pleased.

It felt: dead had lived said to him, Are you dead, he said no, but I am alive, it indicates a good condition in the afterlife.

It felt: that the dead came home with joy, it indicates the reward response, charity and prayer in the right of the dead from his family.

It felt: that the dead lived and it entered his house and spoke to him it shows on the safety and health of the body and the popularity and Neil hopes.

It felt: that the dead of his family contended the owner is due for companionship.

It felt: that the dead enrage it indicates that it is recommended that the commandment did not work Bossath.

It felt: laughing jubilantly declared dead, it indicates the arrival of the charity are accepted.

It felt: the dead body wearing a well-dressed well, it shows the consequences of good and His death on the unification.

It felt: that the dead had lived in it he knelt security from the punishment of God.

It felt: that it is cohabiting with the dead travel journey away.

It felt: that the dead laugh and cry, it indicates that he died on is the religion of Islam.

It felt: that the dead may be black and the face shows that he died an infidel.

It felt: dead standing in prayer, it indicates that it was in the event of his life many of worship and please him for forgiveness, and may have been remiss in obedience.

It felt: dead had lived as he prayed he prayed the place where it shows the good consequences.

It felt: dead had lived it, Salah is the seer and get pleasure from, where is calculated.

It felt: that the dead told him something he also said that the deceased in a house right does not speak but really because the Prophet peace be upon him: one of you is enough to preach in a dream.

It felt: that the dead or analyzed by the crown or adorned with rings, or what he saw or sitting on a bed, it indicates good overturned.

It felt: dead wearing green garments, the vision shows that his death was the type of certificate.

It felt: that the dead face divorced but had not talked to him did not touch his vision showed him to his satisfaction for the arrival of His righteousness to him after his death.

It felt: that the dead is undisputed Gallery him or advising him or beat him by saying thick, it indicates that the perpetrator of sin Fletb God, and Neil was probably better than a travel or spend religion or re-something out of hand.

It felt: that the dead become rich, it Salah him when God Almighty.

It felt: that the dead has become a poor Vtobeirh against that.

It felt: that the dead naked and exposed his genitalia, it indicates that he left this world naked of good works, although it is good and righteous people it comfortable for him.

It felt: that a group of the dead from their position known to have happy lives, it is something that is benign things diverge from it and renewed his demand and the State, and saw them and their clothes Mahzonin heirs, if they lack them after committing immoral actions.

It felt: that a group of the dead are not Bmarovin those in charge of his grave, the people of that attain this position and shows the intensity of them are hypocrites.

It felt: one of his dead infidels and good and beautiful of the whole showed his vision is on high heel did not make a good case when the Almighty God, and perhaps die on the consolidation had not seen it but God Almighty.

It felt: him dead and clothes dirty or if the patient is responsible for his religion, it is between him and God without special people.

It felt: dead Well it is a constant busy Salah against him in the afterlife, but that his job in disgrace Vdd.

It felt: that his grandfather or grandfather or grandmother or grandfather grandfather had lived, that his life and righteousness in his grandfather’s age matters and demand it.

And the vision of the mother’s life is stronger than the lives of both father and Mahmoud .

It felt: that his son had lived appeared to him as an enemy of not Aamlh, and the life of the girl Fjad to end.

It felt: that the dead women had lived and presented it as they get it Mazinat minimum and the good and abundant funds at the disposal of heavy, if not for that and after only came out of this world Oakabhen.

It felt: dead lived and they Upson clothes white, it Salah in his religion, although the clothes red it Operated Blho world and the pleasures, and that was black in riches and the glory, but created an impure shown that the dead were perpetrators of sins, or is engaged in it.

It felt: that the dead pray at the site did not reach it and was never remiss in his prayer, it indicates that he has been arrested in his life and cease and gives charity or doing good it got lost so nutty.

It felt: that the dead was the ruler and the Crown had lived his place, it receives none of the mandate of the heel.

It felt: that the dead pray neighborhoods, they are failing in the obedience imposed on them.

It felt: he follows the dead and stand out in its impact and entry emulate it in his actions that he saw the dead shall be deemed to what it was dead or corruption of Salah.

It felt: dead complains of his head is responsible for his shortcomings in matters of his mother or his boss.

But complained of neck, he is responsible for lost money or his wife for dowry.

Although he complained of his hand he is responsible for his brother or his partner or the right hand of the NATO liar .

Although he complained of his side is responsible for women’s right .

Although he complained of his stomach, it is responsible for the right of the child and relatives .

But complained of leg is responsible for spending his money in non-satisfaction of God .

But complained of thigh is responsible for cutting and mercy (biography) .

Although he complained of his legs is responsible for the annihilation of his life in falsehood .

It felt as if he called him from the dead, where he sees and went out with him so that is not able to refrain from it, it dies so that dead or disease, such as the cause of his death.

It felt: that he entered an unknown house behind the dead did not come out of them and then it dies.

It felt: that accompanied the dead came to his house that went with it did not enter it weakens, verging on death, and escape.

It felt: it travels with the dead, it confused him his command.

It felt: it is dead knew what pleasure and the best person to see his parents or grandparents or one of his relatives.

It felt: that his father came to him in any way it is not what it Lixin, the seer was in need of the living God, where do not count, though it made him absent, although the pain woke him from it.

It felt: dead knew and greeted him and asked him he did not die that year and demonstrates the goodness and good if the dead.

It felt: that the king or Mtula has lived and took over as it shows the inauguration of one of his clan or his or toxicity, and possibly improved biography incumbent on them.

It felt: that some of the Pharaohs became alive in his country and is it shows the injustice in that town or Ev_o immorality, and that did not take it demonstrates the change in her family’s circumstances change and biography Mtolém including the ruggedness.

It felt: that the dead came in with him to the edge of it they get sick or fall ill, and then escapes from it.

It felt: that the dead come to resolve it is good and the length of life.

It felt: that the dead sleep in the comfort of it.

It felt: Meta known, has died again and had a death cry, it marries some of his family shall be including a wedding, and only died from heel man, and said marriage is for a heel if the crying without screaming, but shouting The death of one of the heel, though not to him after The death of his or toxicity.

It felt: that the dead drowned in the sea or as required in terms of the wholesale drowning drown it in the fire of the verse, “which Khtiiathm helpers.”

It felt: that the dead from their graves and Thboa and returned to their role in it is called of God gives life imprisonment or plants after her death in that place.

It felt: dead groaning and the case is flat, it shows poor work and for his actions Mjazath ugly.

Although it is suffering from head ache, it indicates that he was arrogant in this world, it was nutty, and perhaps shorten the sanction of the right of the parents .

Though suffering from his eyes ache, it indicates that he was seen to Eyal creation haraam in the world that the delegation of nutty .

Although it is suffering from soreness of the tongue, it indicates that the backbite creation in this world, it was nutty .

Although it is suffering from soreness hand it shows treachery against him were brothers and friends and partners, it was nutty .

Although it is suffering from pleurisy pain, it indicates that it was beyond his wives in the world, it was nutty .

Though suffering from stomach ache it shows his shortcomings to his family and his family in this world, it was nutty .

Though suffering from his private pain, it indicates that the adulterer in the world, it was nutty .

Although it is suffering from thigh pain, it indicates that it was up to Baadaute of its relation to family and relatives in the world Vjose them .

Although it is suffering from pain legs or feet, it shows what he did in the book or attended by the reprehensible acts in the world, it was nutty .

It felt: that the dead tell about a person that he died suddenly die or not it is better for that person or to behind me, and probably died suddenly.

It felt: that a group of the place of the dead eat something, that thing is heavy.

It felt: that the dead drunk is not good for it behind me and for the deceased to the verse, “and see what people are drunk Biskary” verse.

It felt: he eats a little bit of eating the dead, he will meet a treasure under the ground.

It felt: he cut the neck of a dead some things, was a man of seasoned people repent on his hand, and perhaps principal one in the accountability and strengthened his argument upon Azfar Bteke, and saw a king, it frees a group of his relatives, and possibly lifting the captives or prisoners than they are in it.

It felt: one he died on the dead body, it does not reach his goal, which the hope of worldly matters.

It felt: it shows the dead to the ways it is interpreted to obtain knowledge and wisdom and guided his hands on people who have gone astray. It was of the opinion that the dead back to life, it tan leather.

It felt: that the Rastafarian dead and two on the pillow, it goes on his life.

It felt: that the dead sitting in his place is not good, though it isolates a Sultan about it, and possibly die.

It felt: that someone from the dead, he married a woman he is close to that.

It felt: Meta carry something heavy, it means carrying it earns Ozara heavy sins and who sees no good that the deceased rode his horse with his sword or hold or wear his clothes, and perhaps that is all Khosrana or misguided or oppress.

It felt: that the dead bird, it has survived.

It felt: that being dead, it had survived the horror, and perhaps it did not inform him of meaning and became something of himself in it.

It felt: dead or immune Madraa with him or something of the number it shows that it is safe from fear most, and perhaps survival.

It felt: that the dead do not sing good, and if the deceased was in the form of undesirable or do what is not permissible to do it is with great hope in the afterlife, including what in the world. It was of the opinion that the dead for wearing clothes is a good sign of satisfaction with him, though he saw no good other than that it is not nothing wrong with wearing silk of the dead to the afterlife because of luggage and now they have departed from this world.

It felt: that the dead may pilgrimage, it is better and Salah Murad and get in the Hereafter.

It felt: a dead thing you can not get it occurs it is marvel of it, and perhaps behind me to get a result.

It felt: that the dead in the case requires to be like her in real life it is construed as one of the heel, toxic or counterpart. It was of the opinion that the dead made a thing of the Trades, the kind he is well loved in his case, though there is nothing good ever hated it.

It felt: that the dead reap it would be good and do what he did in the hereafter, God willing.

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