Vision of the devil and demons


meanings by Al ahsaai


Vision of the devil and demons

It felt Satan, the vision devolves enemy to him bouncing stray calves in evil bag of goodness is of the opinion that Satan advise him which pleases advise him it shows for damaging his property and his body and said some of them obeyed the devil Bhoah it is plagued by self is of the opinion that the devil gave him something it shows For haraam wealth is of the opinion that he wants to beat the devil with the sword to destroy him and then fled it shows for the state of justice and fairness is of the opinion that he killed him, it invincible himself and follow a path righteousness is of the opinion that antagonize the devil and combat it shows on the health of his religion It felt as if the devil fears it shows sincerity in his religion is of the opinion that the devil happy happy, it operates with desires is of the opinion that the devil removal of clothing he will be dismissed is of the opinion that the devil keeps it eats usury is of the opinion that the devil Igmzh it shows that a man shooting his wife and Agoaha is of the opinion that the devil is fueled by a kind of species it Faraj from his main concern after obtaining the intensity and the devil said to over-interpret Sultan It felt like killing demons and won the support of notorious Well is of the opinion that it belongs to demons and win it Annagadoa his principality and prestige






 See the darkness and their associates

Of the view that unjust known to do is not Zain it shows his determination in his crime, but to do what would want the people it is because of that and said some of them express deduced It felt unjust improved his career he is isolated from what is it, and saw his crime has increased and exceeded that reached to increase the amount it is the end of the ordered and have the honor of dying but felt that it is unjust Faúl on three aspects of injustice self and injustice of others and lack of vigor interests is of the opinion that he has wronged anyone given it for nail for the oppressed, as well as the thought that one oppression is of the opinion that the king darkness, it needs to as it deserves and saw that he got him an injustice against one of the objects it gets him from harm and misfortune, and said some of them felt that injustice anyone who is without him it would be oppressed but felt that the oppressed from a Vdd that and some of them said I hate in a dream vision of the oppressor known injustice, even if interpreted a dream in any manner was, and saw none of the agents and introduced him to something hated or summoned by the Governor no good even if patients indicated expiration, but disputed any of them and contested by Universal access extremely cautious but saw that it was Ibzo his tongue on one of them or contested commits it oppress at his command is of the opinion of one of them soft, it cunning and deception so be on the alert him and saw that he became agents or anyone from his house Universal access the benefit is of the opinion Awanaa famous harm For two faces was for fine Owantqam of the enemy and see the warden shows are distressed and see the executioner shows get to be quickly and saw none of it prepared Aldharaben Balosoat a promise and deny it and saw a guard asks what it finds


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