Vision of the disease

Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is the hypocrisy in a dream, says: {disease in their hearts, Allah increaseth their disease} .
It is felt that the lack of patient access of religion of his body.
It felt that his wife is sick lack of access of her religion. And the patient felt that if a passenger or a pig or a bull camel was afraid he should die. And the child if the patient was cured of his illness, it dies.
It is felt that the patient conquer his enemies and won money and a great long life and obtained pleasure. It was in the severity of a patient and felt that it survives. If the patient felt that he freed slave, it is because the dead do not die belongs to him. The unidentified man saw that he was sick, the disease is due to his vision. Disease and spending money, and repentance and prayer and supplication, and the love and adoration of the disease is also satisfactory. And it was said of the view that the health of patients livelihood.
It is believed that the disease has two sons Rmdt his eyes.
It felt that his father introduced him headache disease, because the head rather than the father.
and saw that it was sick it many falsehoods and corruption. And it was said of the opinion that the patient had a long illness and his sins fell it dies. It was said that the disease they fall ill, to the extent of his illness.
It is believed that the Sultan, it gets sick patient in his religion, and only died that year. Disease and a man isolated from his wife. Disease and poor scholars in religion.And disease dispersal Sbaana polite and deserted him, and satisfactory evidence of the child worry and bile for his parents. Disease and death wishes Faraj. And disease in general people are evidence of the drought and depression pension. [See: the epidemic



meanings by Al ahsaai


Vision of the disease

The interpretation of the disease is not Mahmoud because of corruption in religion is probably the seer frequent falsehoods and was of the opinion that his illness long fell sins and received God for the good of his condition and said some of them felt that the patient is pain he felt delight not die that year, but felt the patient because it has become true the body is out of his home is his death, but to speak to people and Ikhatalhm, this marker recovery from sickness, is of the opinion that a Sultan patient is not Mahmoud against the seer, and that was between him and a quarrel it loser and that was in the war hit him surgery is of the opinion that his forehead pains him it is a decrease in the merit It felt that in his eyes vulnerable it is a decrease in living distressed they are and mourning, and if he sees anyone Adawiyeh or Aekhalh it testifies to the goodness and righteousness is of the opinion that his ear and hurts it hears what he hates, and saw that his nose pains him it is up to it are harmful is of the opinion that his tongue disheartened it and PAL in right and may be a lie, and saw his mouth vulnerable, a disheartened it get worried and distressed hand, his relatives and saw Briqpth ​​pain it would be a trust neglected is of the opinion that his heart is weak and has pain he eats haraam or demonstrates the hypocrisy and said to increase the money is of the opinion that his back vulnerable There is no good which probably indicates that aging of human and bending lack is of the opinion that Bjunbh and hurts it shows disturb the heart and Khater, chest tightness is of the opinion that Bqaibdh disease, it would be a little pity for his family is of the opinion that his disease it Iszewo his brother or his partner or his friend is of the opinion that his finger vulnerable and pain, it would be remiss in his prayer is of the opinion that Mbton, this certificate is of the opinion that it hurts in the stomach and Otqla Fidel on his love for his relatives and saw Bsarth pain indicated that he forgets his wife’s treatment with

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