Seeing The Vision of the dog In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of the dog In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of the dog In The Dream Interpretation of Al zahri Vision of the dog

The dog, it shall be construed ways:

He saw it he is an enemy without energy, but his compassion and female aggression in a woman without conscience and black dog enemy of the Arabs and the white dog enemy of Persians .

It felt: a dog barking it it shows without hearing the words of the original with no despicable enemy so that he may attain the mettle of this hatred.

It felt: that the dog bite, it indicates the blame for the pain and shortness of the chest and discomfort of his enemy.

It felt: cloth contamination from the saliva of his mouth, it shows the words he heard from enemies Faave and disheartened.

It felt: that the cloth may Apartment dog it shows decrease and the flesh of the dog interpreted the enemy with money, especially if it gains control of it to eat Bteke.

It felt: it refers to a dog, a dog, it promised to transmit it to pay for another enemy and the enemy gets so harmful.

It felt: he fed the dog bread, it shows the breadth of his living.

It felt: a dog asleep and put his head under the pillow depends on the enemy without energy and harmful in the works. The dog’s milk and panic alarm and a feud with the enemy.

It felt: that the dog escaped from the enemy escape and warn all caution.

It felt: it is far hound it is just an enemy gets his interest, and was told the dog shall be construed in two ways: Abdul-owned and enemy supports it and the dog damaging is the man who is harmful to his vision and the dog that takes to play and Herash it shows the thrill and pleasure, and was told that Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased it saw in a dream in the way of Mecca and Medina guard Allah that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him DNA from Mecca in his companions went out to them dog growl when Dnoa which became independent on her back but if it Tchkb to Us hatching his vision to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said, went their dog and I accept the AED . It was of the opinion that he had bought a dog or give him some of his family to go against some of the expense and then give it back to it.

It felt: a dog urinating in his bed or in the spot, something it is construed in a man who spoils his wife with him.

It felt: that the bird dog Azk and so it is a man who interpreted punk one of his children or young servants.

It felt: that the dog barking at a man who interpreted it speaks ill of others, but is no longer associated with it.

In all, the vision of the dog shall devolve on four aspects: enemy despicable and greedy king of the Custodian or bad act and the man _mez and ignorant.It was the vision of the black dog barking construed a fever, because I tried it again. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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