Seeing The Vision of the dove In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of the dove In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of the dove In The Dream Interpretation of Al zahri Vision of the dove

The dove, it devolves on the ways:

Kirmani said: Dove construed women or ongoing .

It felt: it is endowed with a pigeon, it is useful benefit from a country far away and finds delight and good.

It felt: he sees it Bbandq pigeon shooting a woman.

It felt: it hit the meat of it affects the money and chicks bathroom firstborn women, and the chick may be a son.

It felt: a dove came to him a deliberate Faotah news is better than the best place and what he sees in the bathroom white.

It felt: a black dove came to him, it comes away.

It felt: he hunted dove, it affects a woman forbidden if the dove was civil, although the ground is not too bad.

It felt: a dove landed on his shoulder or over his head or in his neck, he interpreted his work is considered the color that was black ugly or the like was done worse, but well favored white is otherwise to the verse, “and every man ‘s fate in the neck.”

It felt: that it belongs to a bath, it often construed Briash Aitirunh on a people. It was the vision of the bathroom devolves dirhams. It was of the opinion that he held a dove it come to him as his son. It was the vision of chicks bathroom construed in two ways: infection money from women who are distressed by the befitting before them. It was the vision of pigeons fly out of the house devolves divorce women.

It felt: that the dove landed on his home coming of Vtúl absent.

It felt: a bath often reluctant to interpret it to his house many children and relatives.

It felt: that cheat to catch pigeons civil Bthilh construed it to women.

It felt: it plays, it construed Bachtgalh bath vanities bathroom and the best color green.

It felt: it plays a bath and it was the people of corruption, it is construed as a homosexual because that was one of the rituals sodomites and now a lot of art that seduces the bathroom to play so let him fear Allah. It was a vision all devolve dove hundred dirhams.

It felt: that prose love to catch the bathroom it is a man who calls people to corruption.

It felt: it cut the pigeon wing it construed to prevent his wife from getting out of the house, meat construed money from Abdul. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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