Vision of the duff

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the duff

 The Tambourine For ways:

It is considered that hits the daff should also beat him at masters Bashaar, multiplication, it is interpreted by a woman marries a man and a woman is considerably famous for the good name and do otherwise, although there was no marriage for men smote the tambourine fame or misfortune and my neighborhood is better known .

 It felt: it hits the daff it shall be deemed to do in the fame of good and evil, and expresses his fame as much to do.

 It felt: Active duff hit it good common up to that place Vlienbar crossing on what he saw with that.

 It felt: a woman hit the duff construed it famous in the year of years.

 It felt: a young man beating the daff, it interpreted the news of the enemy.

 It felt: an old man beating the daff it construed goodwill and righteousness, and the listening voice duff Fidel on the activity and joy if he heard from a woman or ongoing, and that he heard from Sheikh Fidel good divination, Yemen, and the state, although the reputation of the young Fidel on the backs of the enemy.

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