Vision of the ears



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Vision of the ears

Daniel said, Ibn Sirin and al-Kirmani: the vision of the man or woman ears daughter or sister or aunt of the women, it saw an accident or increase it interpreted in the two, was said to cut off his ear, it’s death or separation from one of them.

It felt: that he entered in his ear what he did not like in real life, or got him to anything that disturbs it hears what is not pleasing.

It felt: that the reduction in his ears Zdn Faúl in women and the like are also provided.

It felt: that he is deaf he utilized in his religion, and perhaps have a tendency to disbelief in the verse, “They said if we but listened or pondered, we should in the flames.”

It felt: it cleans the dirt of his ear up to it or hear good news so that it gets better and benefit from it.

It felt: what it eats him out of his ear it shows his repentance.

It felt: that no one put his fingers in his ear it shows backbite of his family.

It felt: one ear is not Khrs Mahmoud.

It felt: that his ears earrings, a throat, the kind welcome in Fjad vigilance in the right of a male or female, although the opposite is not Mahmoud.

It felt: ears very often, it indicates that he does not hear the talk turns to him and Aaklh to the verse, “and their ears do not hear it.”

In all, the vision of the ears construed eight aspects: whether a woman was his wife or his cousin and his friend and companion Gholam OK and future and money they are distressed and wholesome joy and pleasure and repentance and return.

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