Vision of the elephant


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the elephant

 The Elephant and construed aspects of it:

It is considered that passengers villa at night he marries a woman, though his knees during the day that Vdd or sells his concubine .

 It felt: he carried it construed villa glory.

 It felt: he was killed Villa construed it to kill the king on his hands or through him or open the blockade.

 It felt: Villa and put his foot on his head, killing him, it shows the poor condition.

 It felt: it is riding on an elephant with two heads, it indicates that after the service of the Sultan of that place to serve the Sultan last.

 It felt: that passengers villa in the war, it indicates to defeat an enemy is huge and invincible enemy and was told this story to say evidence of the owners of the elephant.

 It felt: that he had signed on the back of an elephant, it is located in the trials and trouble.

 It felt: that the Elephant took place in the war and then died, it indicates the loss of Sultan of that place.

 It felt: it is riding on an elephant naked for watching it were foreign marry a woman and be able to reduce it on him, but thought otherwise and that will be capable of it.

 It felt: that the elephant was under his feet, threw it shows Gore Sultan and his anger at him, and said the elephant man cursed because of Almmsokhat.

 It felt: that passengers villa, it deviates from the right because it is not from Muslims and the Yachts was said that a bad reputation because the rider sees dingy. It was said of the passengers saw that it was Villa who commits it a great sin, so that it can not be saved, including the fact that the elephant rider can not get off of him but a great strain of the reasons that lead him to, but did not find reasons not be able to get off it. It was the vision of the elephant construed mind and gloom because it does not solve the not eaten meat. It was the vision of the elephant Almarkob if it is on his back lightning and the drum and brought to the seer of the non-mixing does not get close to it for Ezz, said to Abraham Samanid he had seen in a dream-day fight Amr bin Laith as if his villa eyed and was told that you beat on him, “Did see what God did to the owners of the elephant “and fight the fight Alvelin evidence of two large angels Oagaman.

 It felt: it is riding on an elephant and the goodness of the people of the consequence of good Mahmoud won profit a lot of the magnitude of the elephant and the lack of harm to people seer.

 It felt: Villa is the place to accept when it turns from him.

 It felt: that the word elephant, it shall be construed in two ways: either associated with a man who sees something outlandish, or tired of it.

 In all, the vision of the elephant construed to seven aspects: King of outlandish, and gay man and a man with Wily and the strength and body and a man envious and Sharp, war and blood feud.

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