Vision of the event

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the event

Saw that it was the latest of a wind, it was the era or a vow or oath that it Enkt.

It felt: that the latest wind in his bed with his wife, it comes out between him and talk, if his voice was stronger.

It felt: Universal access it from passing wind, are distressed and the words of the humility and Tasir, and perhaps praise ugly, though folk Universal access between shame and scandal.

But felt that he left the voice of the Wind unintentionally and without the smell of Fidel Faraj and profit, though deliberately Wind has shown the vision to say ugly .

It felt: it does not smell something good in it.

And the vision of making the wind, whether a voice or wind or not devolve on four aspects: scandal and joy and comfort and the words of evil and God knows best .


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