Vision of the eyes

meanings by Al ahsaai


 Vision of the eyes

And see the eyes accrue to religion, it is felt that blind or Anfqot eyes have strayed from Islam disobedience Otaha was said to be little knowledge does not realize things were said that blind for his argument and asked his need, and saw that his eyes Awhitta it shows his grief, the Angelta it meets Bgaúb has affected his absence or who It is difficult, even if it was worried he went worry and distress is of the opinion that he was blind and then I see it is guided to the right is of the opinion that he leads a blind, it instructs the lost, to the right is of the opinion that one-eyed eye has gone half of his religion and wounded a great sin, and was said to consider the benefit of his brother and hope that he will grow Perhaps it gets rid of the narrow, sin and was told if he has a brother or child die and maybe go half his money, or half his life went Faisalh what remains and is said to be the people of Paradise and some of them said I hate it in a dream because the devil was eyed as well as the Antichrist is of the opinion that he was in his eyes as he a happy and good and not having a son or brother, it gets in his eye and said to view, and saw with his eyes Rmda it occurs in the religion of corruption and oversee the destruction of his religion is of the opinion that Rmayor lack of sight visible or inwardly, the increase in debt as far as the back is of the opinion that heals his eyes is on five aspects of Salah in his religion and an increase in wealth and delight and the arrival of a brother of travel and the existence of state is of the opinion that Icthal for the purpose of adornment for it will come is get him Accessories and good as far as it was said that the charms marry or poor benefited money well and was of the opinion that Akthal Balathmd it combines the two women is of the opinion that he should not Akthal what it is prohibited from requesting or Faraj masterminded and saw that his body in the eyes of many, this increase in debt is of the opinion that it eats it eats from the eye of the money from his living, it saw a particular offender is of the opinion that his hand in kind or in the eyes of the eyes, whether human or other money on it anyway and felt his heart is kind Salah in his religion and the wisdom of spoken and graduated from the heart






 Vision of the earthquake and landslides

It felt that the earth shook or hit eclipsed, that scourge of the earth that is of the opinion that the earth is an eclipse of it and swallowed it, the people of evil it is treated by the death or afraid to travel far because it does not


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