Vision of the face

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the face

As for the face it is pleasure rights and honor. It was the vision of the face and construed adornment of living, it is felt in the face with a defect in that it decreases, as well as that he saw increased Qin.

It felt: that the color of his face became bright red, it indicates a delight and relief.

It felt: that the yellowish color of the face it is construed in three ways: the disease and isolation and fear, and that he saw Msauda it shows they get distressed and said to generate the daughter of the verse, “If human beings one female under the face Msauda” verse.

The Alsdgan Fabntan Hariftan Mbarkian Whatever he saw in that level for them.

It felt: that the supervisor and his face bleached Well, this gospel in good condition and good faith of the verse, “and disrupted the laughing faces of that day.” It was said of his face and saw it Msauda man bouncing fun for the verse, “The Day of Judgment see those who lied to Allah and draft their faces.”

It felt: generally a face or other defect, it is surrounded by coming down, or they or g.

It felt: that no one frowned at him, he felt what he hates.

And that he saw in the face of other Abosa it gets hated him.

It felt: Five of his face that he is not good, but the woman saw that her husband dies.

In all, the vision of the forehead and face are all devolve on five aspects: Izz money and a good woman and what he meant Gah rights, and saw what their opposite is Lixin.

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