Vision of the fall


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the fall

As for the fall, it is felt that no one fell upon the enemy, he gains it.

It felt: that he fell from a high place like a mountain or a wall or the like, it indicates a lack of completion of the intended.

It felt: it fell from the blow it for a disaster, but so too slipped by.

It felt: he fell on his face that he did not intend to worship him there is nothing good in it, albeit in a feud or a war or dispute did not accrue.

It felt: that he fell from a roof or a wall or tree or mountain or so, the matter is that it is not him or him what he wants with a refrain that it is not no hope for him what he wanted of him.

And the vision of the fall for those who have an imbalance in religion indicates Anamake in sin and temptation and misleading business.

It felt: that he landed in a mosque or a kindergarten, and so was because he did good or headed for it signifies to leave sin and give up fads and fancies.

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