Vision of the front



Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the front

The front is Zain rights and religion, it is well and saw the beautiful or what is happening to him Vtaoelh the result, but felt otherwise Vtobeirh against him, and perhaps indicates the front on the prayer and prostration.

Ibn Sirin said: front and prestige as much as it the place of prostration, perhaps indicated by the child.

It felt: that the traces of prostration on his forehead, it indicates an increase in religious commitment and piety and its spread among the people. It was of the opinion that he was his forehead, it gets a bad man from what he hates, and may be lack of money.

It felt: in forehead surgery or ulcer or deny like him in real life it clicks in his prayer and prostration are not matched words lumpish.

It felt: that the color of his forehead what he hates it becomes Napata owes the color change after the seeds fully that debt.

It felt: that his forehead before it shows the breadth of living and increase the amount and prestige.

It felt: a line on his forehead, it was indicated by the colored Born gets for its benefit.

Is of the opinion: no mercy on his forehead Fidel alive for the good and the certificate, although the verse torment Vtobeirh against that.

In all, the vision of the front shall devolve on six aspects: Gah estimated Izz and high status and living and the presidency of existence.

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