Vision of the graves

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the graves

Of Ahtafr saw that it was for himself or for other grave or pit, it builds a home in that country or resides.

It felt: that it bridge the grave of his life and long-lasting health.

It felt: he was buried in a tomb to die from it is imprisoned, and perhaps fall ill, the shortness of his command.

It felt: that he is buried in the tomb of the dead body of the bridge, it is marry a woman.

It felt: that roams the graves and move them is open, it enters homes or the homes of the people of innovation prison.

It felt: that unearth the tomb of a man known for his home and his name and his surname it exhibits a road, especially if reached.

It felt: that the people came down and then Random graves and wanted him to pay the seer when people accuse him imprisoned.

It felt: that dig graves sprung up from a neighborhood, it is better and pleasure, especially if the piety of the people it is good in this world and the Hereafter.

It felt: that unearth the tomb of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, it renews the study of his Sunan honest and gets to the people on his hands is good, and came to the corpse honest it is not Mahmoud, and break something of its members, it commits heresy and misguidance We seek refuge with Allaah from that.

It felt that a man handed him to the grave pit it deliver in mortality.

It felt: that the dust settled it earned it money.

It felt: that digging dirt on the surface of it live a long life and the many graves at the site indicate the unknown men hypocrites, and the known graves, they interpreted the order right.

It felt: that the green graves, the people at the mercy.

It felt: Pay attention to that entering it is to do justice to the graves at his command, but did not learn a lesson in it is the right of him is oblivious.

It felt: that the known graves turned into a home, it indicates the affinity of a heel.

It felt: as if it is based on the tomb of a solvent, it may be given minimum of the verse, “and do not over his grave.”

It felt: that in the cemetery and roams around the graves and it delivers it becomes bankrupt people ask.

It felt: that in his grave and his grave is nothing written on it in prison for honors such as stepper among the people wrote on his registration immortalized.

It felt: that in the tomb or put it in the tight.

It felt: it is in the tomb of the bridge it travels away and win in his good and for the benefit of the verse, “then-fatality Vocyprh start with and then if he wants.”

It felt: it is based on his tomb is seen, it raises for his sins.

It felt: that theme in his grave and Munkar and Nakeer Asalana it shows that the King sends agents to in the command prompt, and if he sees that he answered an answer right, it will be safe from his part, and the mistake in the answer that Vdd.

It felt: that out of the tomb and then secondly it was to see the benefit from the power of good and then locked up then if this was attributed to the function of the king, though not so much as it is measured by his place. The taker it is a man with a large amount of His Majesty.

It felt: that the graves, it is raining the mercy of God to them.


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