Seeing The Vision of the head In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of the head In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of the head In The Dream Interpretation of Al zahri Vision of the head

The head and brain is the President of Rights and the many faces will come her statement.It was the vision of the head shows great people.

It felt: that his head cut off indicates that a large takes his hand and gets him good and benefit.

It felt: head cut off and was of the post and fork it moves to greater than or increase in the pomp and wisdom, although it is not so Universal access money from the woman’s hand or the glory and prestige.

It felt: that the head of him that is beheaded, and so it is open or die boss or teachers.

It felt: that his neck was beaten and shown the head of it, the rich and the lack of money, though poor, sacked, and that was a slave to free, although it owes spent God religion, though in distress or Mkroba Farajallah distress and anguish, though he was sick lips of God, and that was ill and his illness has no medical evidence on his death.

It felt: that his neck hit the fill great and so is evidence of evil and got beat Eelam (LTTE), it indicates that he committed the sins of a great, perhaps to atone or reward, suggesting the human head on his capital, and was perhaps indicated by beheading at his surgery in shaving or separate him cap or turban, or the demolition of his room or solving the roof of his house, though in slavery sale.

It felt: his head with his hand as he looked at her, that measure in the capital and living.

It felt: that he went his head, it gets sick, and perhaps his money went. It was of the opinion that struck his neck, it affects the money great, but knew who hit him got it good or be good at his hand.

It felt: that his response to his body Faúl on three aspects: the return of lost money or return to the boss or kicking the certificate.

It felt: it speaks to a head hit a lot of good, and was told of it hit the head of ten dirhams affects to twenty thousand.

It felt: that being a head shave in front of it Mojtahd to make money, the right of it gets to him.

It felt: cut off the heads of people in a country or a folder or a house or on the door of the heads of people come to that place and they meet it.

It felt: he eats them or anything it takes to get the benefit and money and the good.

It felt great size of the head or a piece of it could great people.

It felt: he eats raw upside, there are two: to get money or lintel of a president, though his head was known that he may eat of the capital of his head.

It felt: big head, it increased his wealth, though he was president or a position in the Greater pomp, though it is better for that anyway.

It felt: that his small Contrary to the case.

It felt: that he became a head Faúl on five aspects: the length of old age and wisdom in the works and the product of and participation in matters associated with head and senior companions.

It felt: that his head encouraged, injure or break the first three aspects: the mandate and defeated and the occurrence of the money and was expressed in the President’s right as stated above.

It felt: that the head or margarine huge reconcile it to date.

It felt: that the head in his hand fell on him the first of three ways: for money and expanded the mandate or order deny, and perhaps marvel at it.

It felt: that the head in his hand is a Shin spoke to him it shows on justice and equity, and said of wisdom and knowledge.

The saw head and has horrible word, or what does not fit Vtobeirh otherwise.

It felt: that divided his head in his hand, it indicates the death of his parents, but they met their illness and then shows Ievian.

It felt: that his head has become the elephant head, it follows that a large state was eligible for that is good.

It felt: that his camel head indicates the commission of what he may not, perhaps indicated by the wretchedness and pander to the idiocy of it without him.

It felt: that his head as head of the elephant gets his money and the grace of the Sultan on the one hand or those who take his place.

It felt: that his head as head of the mule or donkey to get it good fortune, and was told that he competes with his mother in prayer for saying peace be upon him in the famous hadeeth.

It felt: that his head as head of cattle get it humiliating.

It felt: that his head as head of sheep, it would be mostly by ignorance.

It felt: that the lion’s head, it reigns as head of his rule and conquer his enemies, and perhaps obtain redress.

It felt: that his head as head of the pig may be a tendency to infidelity or sinners or rejection.

It felt: his head was as head of an animal which is not permitted to eat quite a bit, though, which may not be eating there is nothing good in it. It was the vision of large head and the small increase in honor of him.

It felt: that his head grew indicates that the marriages were the charms and riches if he is poor, though rich multiplicity of the nail on the boys and he is waging war.

It felt: that he is losing his head Menkos with shame.

It felt: that his head became Gazzaza it indicates mortality.

And that became a gold or silver, gets his money from the dependents.

But become lead or be in his Qsidira risk and loss.

And that became a stone or iron, it serves Alosavl.

The wood became indicates near him.

The pottery from the clay has become let it do something of the types of threat.

It felt: that his head a ray of fire, it shall be construed in two ways: luck and the position of injustice and oppression. It was a vision if the head has become a kind of minerals and plants, the kind liked it quite a bit, but otherwise it is not Mahmoud.

It felt: that his head became a bird, it indicates to his departure. It was the vision of the heads of animals in terms of the wholesale capital and principality, which had eaten the flesh to be earning money from the face of a solution, though, which may not be eaten from the forbidden.

In all, the vision of the head shows a dozen face: President of a large group and a father, mother, and Amir Imam and the world, money and a boy and boy and a slave woman.

It felt: that he enter his head in an oven, it comes from does not get its benefit, as well as if he considers that he should not be introduced with something similar in vigilance Vtobeirh against him.

Revelation Hair

Who saw his hair long in length plus it is worried and distressed. The woman saw that the decoration and increased splendor. It was the vision of those who have caught the hair dressed the poor there is nothing wrong it.

It felt: he shaved his head in the days of Salah al-Hajj it in religion and the expiation of sins, but in the months campus or in some cases eliminate it and the demise of religion are distressed, and saw it was said that it is not a position of Mahmoud. The woman saw that it signifies the death of her husband or a male relative. But felt that her hair cut or some of it shows quarreling with her husband and was told to get a disaster. The Association felt that her hair has become white, it indicates that her husband is a man on the punk way.

In all, the vision of poetry devolves on six aspects: the king Balaskar and women and for the glory and splendor parish mind, distress and for the poor slaves was an increase of worship and pilgrimage.

It felt: that Spalih Tala, it may be interpreted in two ways: Ezz, was born.

If the eyebrows and the vision of Tala money and Accessories and said longevity.

It felt: that his body hair is long, it was of relevance in the Greater wealth and pomp in merit, but felt that Fsr poor and narrow.

The woman saw that her hair shaved or rip it without proof of the origin Htkha.

It felt: that the young man his hair, it may increase in the religion and was a shortage of money.

It felt: that his hair had fallen not do it testifies to the anxiety and distress on the one hand and the parents felt was the capital and the longevity and well-Izz and honor.

It felt: his hair long to differentiate sporadic shows money boss.

Ibn Sirin said: I hate the white hair of a young man in a dream, it is poverty.

It felt: that is not a bald head hair shows to increase the living.

It felt: that does not have Spalan, has proved to him that it shows that the two daughters born to him or to one of his relatives, but felt that a place may be attributed the high and the state.

It felt: that Ogelh no good and was told they are distressed and the wickedness.

It felt: he was Ogelh or Ding, have grown hair on his head Fidel increase the pomp and grandeur, and for good.

It felt: that pluck from his hair, which is not obligatory to pluck it shows the destruction of money, but do so by the other shall be destruction because of the actor.

It felt: that he comb his hair comb it Ezz and state.

It felt: that he grew his hair in a position does not grow hair where it shows for religion then estimated honoring God.

It felt: he shaved his armpit hair or pubic hair it shows Salah and his religion was shaved armpit for Murad.

But felt that it was the best pluck his armpit.

It felt: that armpit hair is long it is hated in religion.

It felt: that the pubic hair is long it is outlandish, fall ill, Sultan has no religion and it was said long lowliness of the vulva and corruption.

It felt: that it is fine pluck pubic money or Abdhirh misplaced.

It felt: it is still something that Balnorh, the rich, he went his wealth and his power and was told to go his money in purchasing a property, even if he is poor sacked and Faraj, God bless him, and removed the other and leave the rest Vizul of grace thing later something was said Azza pass away, and continue his grace. It was of the opinion that he is shaving his pubic Bamoosy Mahmoud. The woman saw that her husband hit good.

It felt: that his hair is better wrinkle Universal access and benefit, though in slavery there is nothing good in it, but felt that the world is not Mahmoud.

It felt: that his hair was frozen and then Ansaleh, if freed Abdul, though not, it is not said to Mahmoud and armpit hair length if it exceeds construed boys alone.

It felt: that of the chest or pluck the hair scruff of his neck, the Secretariat had performed for the owner and by the pubic hair for damage, and the woman saw that it is Mahmoud, said to the woman saw that he cut it to get worried, anxious or damage.

In all, the vision of shaving the head shall devolve on five aspects: pilgrimage and travel Izz and prestige of the verse, “Mahgayn your heads and fall short.” But if the people of the state not only be a Mahmoud habit of shaving the head repeatedly on Friday it is not so bad and was told if it exceeds the length of the hair only twice for his family and was told to do and was told Hqaoh large number of children and the fear and concerns.

It felt: he shaved his head, unless in a war it is dispensed and the strength Baayala which Mahmoud and is fine, if the war is not Bjeed, and was told that he was in the sacred months is an expiation for the sins and eliminate debt and the disappearance of the concerns and Gmovernm It was the death of one or both parents, and was told The woman saw that they are safe in itself, and perhaps she did not give birth at all.

It felt: that the mustache shaving or trimming it affects good, although it owes spent God religion and the lack of mustaches on all the faces Mahmoud and increase hated Either deficiency Faúl in three ways: worship and follow the year out of them and narrow, marriage or gone, and the length of Faúl on four aspects of : Drinking and the prevention of intoxicant is haram zakat and the denial of a deposit they are distressed.

It felt: that no one pulls Basharabh there is nothing good in it, and was told to speak in the mustache, whether in libel or Thanksgiving but is above the lip not from the side, and the length of the two sides in the right of people with post from people fork Voukar and prestige, while in the right of others not Mahmoud.

It felt: that the white mustache, and it is intended to Linbo him.

It felt: a small mustache shows grew to distort and magnify.

It felt: that the woman grew a mustache, it gives birth to a boy, and were not pregnant or were sterile, they do not give birth, if he deems it is in slavery unless the defect is so. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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