Vision of the hills

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the hills

They draw on:

It was followed in the place saw Musthab it accompanies a man feared him and gets a result of it, and Saada is the best, especially if he sat upon the hill check that Fidel for his money galore, and perhaps it was before it takes a great oppression .

In all, the vision of the hill construed to four aspects: altitude, money, power and betrayal.

It felt: it rose followed it affects the authority and the elevation and executes his words and his books. It was of the opinion that on a hill can not get out of it by his death and the rise of the hill was an honest woman, marriage or just for a hope in any case unless Mahmoud deny it like in real life.

It felt: it went up a hill to the passengers and passengers to stop it, the Welcome to the Sultanate was obtained, although the authority he walks to his enemy, and he gains it is for all people, Mahmoud.

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