Seeing The Vision of the hood In The Dream Interpretation

 Seeing The Vision of the hood In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of the hood In The Dream Interpretation of Al zahri Vision of the hood

The hood Fz and prestige in the hood and all the glory and prestige as much value and the hood which Petrkin that was in the service of King Vtúl to work.

It felt: Kings cap on his head it up to the mercy of royalty and prestige.

It felt: the invaders of the head cap it shows Zafar rival.

It felt: on the back of his head from the hood dressed it for the benefit of the Turkmen and the hard-fried hood accrue a lot lower and the weakness of religion.

It felt: cap on his head modestly, it shows the good and for the benefit of the cap and Niswan Balqa and the like accrue to travel.

It felt: on the head hood of Dibaj tinted or colored, it indicates to isolate the world and the corruption of religion and hood Alcirbes cold and indicate the date of life and religion and be under the hood that turban it works and hides nothing from the people nothing.

It felt: on the head cap of black silk, as is usually the Persians, it shows the good and benefit.

It felt: cap on the head of gold, it shows for the benefit of visually impaired people who are arrogant religion, though it is silver it shows for the benefit of his knowledge, though it is an iron pride, prestige and power of the king.

It felt: on his head crowned with Baldr conceal what it shows when people pride is accompanied by Pinyin with people, and if of wood, he felt the same dear words lie and shops.

It felt: that he puts on his head is worn in the winter and summer was construed not to get his way.

But felt it shows Ddh get his way.

It felt: cap signed by the head or threw one of his head he must be removed from his work, and probably indicates the loss of its president or for g.

It felt: bonnet of beaver or squirrel it shows the corruption of religion but if it is owned by Mahmoud him.

It felt: cut vintage hood it shows sadness.

It felt: on the head cap and was wearing like in real life that was white, it shows Salah religion, whether or not green, it indicates Salah obedience and worship and good works, though they are red they indicate the decrease in the religion and worship, but yellow, it indicates dieback and hardship, even if they hated black unless he has a habit of Blbsaa.

It felt: that the fire occurred in the hood, it indicates to leave him by the King and President and incidence in the ordeal.

In all, the vision of the hood shall devolve on the three aspects: travel far or married woman or go Bjarah and put it on the head Neil presidency and the good and benefit of the President or the power of his boss, and if burned or impure construed boss sad, and probably be in the right he saw the commission of sins.

It felt: a young unknown disarmament hood from his head, it interpreted the death of its President and cap pure white than anything was the Salah in religion and the world black and dark green and increase piety and good in things and wear the hood upside down indicates a change boss it because of something mundane.

It felt: that happened in the hood incident of burning or the removal or the fall or so, it is construed in the case with the President.

It felt: that the Sultan took the hood If this function only to isolate and take his money.

It felt: that the cap on his head which boasts the highly ranked construed it as much as showing off. It was of the opinion that a good cap on his head must be followed by a job if he is to do so. It was of the opinion that on the head hood, it was green it is the contractor of the Koran, and that was white, it affects the world and the righteous, and that was black and he goes back to what was not his money, though covered with it preaches a woman of the people who do not answer him, but dyed colored it twice in the trade, and perhaps because of concern indicated by the application of income to be from the hood and hat. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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