Vision of the ills

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the ills

The ills it is construed with a woman or a great amount going pretty reasonable, and if the woman or current carrier gives birth to a son, they great and the many ills accrue money for.

It felt: that no one gave him known to actually marry a woman, it pretty much as good in the good of the relatives of the man or his tribe, though unknown, women are unknown, and if he sees a woman that gave him so popular it is construed by the world.

In all, the vision Allal construed to four aspects: a woman or girl and going and grace and money, and he wanted Ballal Albulkhc because the word outlandish, and the transfer of what across it.

Sapphire Revelation

But it is construed in the sense Sapphire Albulkhc and even increase because of the two rubies red section and the Department of green.

It felt: that someone stole a ruby ​​and gave it to him, or construed with a woman forbidden under way.

And the vision of the great sapphire money but hatred, and perhaps disliked.

It felt: that he hit it he gains his need rubies.

In all, the vision Sapphire devolve on five aspects: Finance and diligence, and science and the large number of people born and horses.

It felt: it combines a ruby ​​Mbkhosha Thebes he marries women, and was told no matter how many rubies or construed Say it with joy.


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