Vision of the Jews


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the Jews

As for the Jews, it is felt that it became a Jewish heresy committed by the Jews and Itasb and strengthens their words and their words and believed to be misguided, and was leaving the statutes and are punishable by death in this world before.

It felt: as if he said to him, a Jew and was wearing white clothes, a hater of that label, it is expected to narrow the vagina.

It felt: it is the Jews construed obtaining mercy of God to the verse, “Verily Hdna said you caught it from My punishment I want,” the verse.

It felt: it is a group of Jews to repent to God because the meaning of the Jews repent.

It felt: Judea, or one it is construed with guidance for the derivation of the name. It was of the opinion that he became a Jew, it inherits his uncle or aunt.

The vision problem is to show the Jews and facilitate the argument and the strength of a hand in the year and because the name of Jewish law is derived from the guidance.

Vision of steel

As for steel is the honor of Izz and reputation because Qatada saw it in a dream and got him horror and then happened to him after that glory and honor and then later cut vision to Ibn Sirin did not give him Qatada said, this man of his honor and reputation, and was told that the Imam Shafei Allah’s mercy be upon him imprisonment, he saw in a dream, as if crucified on the channel is the Imam Ali bin Abi Talib, may Allah bless him, reaching some of the crossings, he said his vision: The owner of this vision will be published and raises his will mentioned his bringing to a total.

Overall, the vision and drive in a dream interpreted in three ways: with the heart of life and death with steel and steel with murder, it is considered that the elevation of the heart is alive hit and an honor for the verse, “and certainly killed him but Allah raised him.”

It felt: it is a solid hit dead in the world attributed the corruption of religion.

It felt: that the heart is lying dead in the lift.

It felt: it did not generate crucified when the heart of it is due to money had gone with him, and said to be hard for the rich unless the owner as evidence of poverty because the crucified crucified naked and the poor richer and the capacity.

It felt: it is a solid and was a merchant on the Nile del what he wants and steel for the traveler Mahmoud no good in eating the flesh of the crucified.

It felt: that the heart of the Sultan, he felt a great blessing and the high altitude and the like, and may be a bug in his religion.

It felt: that eat the flesh of the crucified it eats haram money, and may be able to infect people with the Sultan of it good.

It felt: that eat the flesh of the crucified it shows his absence. It was of the opinion that the king is being crucified, it receives it and the high prestige, but not with Mahmoud in his religion.

It felt: that the group they crucified him, it prevails on them and rule them.

It felt: that the old man crucified and people Nazeron it to prevail on the people of that place.

It felt: that the heart itself, it prevails over his relatives and his family if the onlookers saw him, and backs saw him, they do not obey him as ordered them to do.

It felt: he crucified and cut it down umbilical rank.

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