Seeing The Vision of the keys and locks In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of the keys and locks In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of the keys and locks In The Dream Interpretation of Al zahri Vision of the keys and locks

It devolves on the ways:

The key man at his hands, people’s affairs .

It felt: that the keys to many, it indicates the height of his status and honor for the magnitude of the verse, “His are the keys of the heavens and the earth.” It was all that opens the key is better and shut against him, and said closure shows the marriages, it is considered that the keys to Paradise, it would be the religion of his kingdom and the consequences of his affairs welcome, and was told that the key is to request a need of God and prayer and seeking forgiveness.

It felt: the key in his hand indicates the pure ablution with water, because the Prophet peace be upon him blessings key water purification.

It felt: he fell from his hand the key to tolerate it in prayer. It was the vision of the key things to open the show difficulties and Faraj of grief and healing of the disease and get his way and the strength in religion and spend a need and answer prayer and science and knowledge.

It felt: he hit a key or keys, it affects the money and power and great good as far as the key.

It felt: that the key to open and facilitate something that it uses one of his need.

The woman saw that he gave the key to marry a man .

It felt: he gave the key or keys and took on what it includes the closing shall be judged on the supervision of the people and spare the coffers of the king who was fit for that, otherwise it will be better if at all.

And the vision of breaking the key or something not good in his teeth .

It felt: that his key has been lost or stolen it disables things. It was the vision of the key in the input Alskrjh marriage, was the new rose early, although the vintage Fetab, and was told the key taken from the iron man of good, open, Zafar Mahmood, and a victory for the verse, “the victory of God and the opening soon.”

It felt: that the keys in his hand, it affects the money to the verse, “And We gave him treasures of whether to approach the bear Balasbh.” Perhaps Del key in order to open the request of the need to pray because Wahidi said in the interpretation of the Koran in the meaning of the verse, “The Tsfhawwa has come to conquest.”

As for the lock, it is evidence for Murad religion and the world, good conditions, it is thought the lock was opened quickly, it facilitates the way things sooner alive pilgrimage.

It felt that it is not able to open the lock, it Tasir and the closure of its affairs.

Overall, the vision and the vision of the lock construed to six aspects: access is, strength, and the benefit of argument, a woman and a man on the adoption of the reformer, and perhaps indicates the lock on the vision of the work of significance was said Salah and guards.

The vision of what is placed by the lock and keys it is construed with a woman.

It felt: he had introduced it as something that he marry a woman, and perhaps indicated by preservation.

It felt: that lock on the door lock, it would be keen on his wife.

It felt: that lock lock on a box or a box or the like is a counterpart of the pots.

It felt: put a heavy lock in the neck which is not good and place it in the man Kmany restriction means are also provided.

It felt: lock of the metal of the metal it is attributed to a woman the kind as mentioned in the statement of assets.

The wood and the lock is not good, and if the lock was said, however, one of the people of hypocrisy is to increase the tyranny, and if but one of the people of avarice and stinginess is to increase ignobility, and if but one of the people of righteousness, it is better and a pond.

It felt: locks placed on the recession, it stores for its people and restrict their own affairs.

It felt: that breaking the lock on it in two ways: if he hates in the expression which do not Mahmoud, though, which is Mahmoud, thank God knows best. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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