Seeing The Vision of the living In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of the living In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of the living In The Dream Interpretation of Al zahri Vision of the living

The live Vtúl cunning enemy.

It felt: live in his house, the enemy is out of his house, although the ground, the enemy is a stranger.

It felt: he killed a living, it gains control Bteke, meat and skin and bones and blood money of the enemy.

It felt: he was killed is alive and lifted his hand or her department and submit it construed the nail on the enemies and take their money.

It felt: to live his words good, it construed obtaining good and benefit, and perhaps interpreted the accession of it is joy and pleasure, but felt otherwise Vtobeirh against him, but eventually to safety.

It felt: to obey a live act in the school where he wants it interpreted the accession of pride, prestige and grace.

It felt: a living metal is better, and if they are of gold or silver was reported.

It felt: white beard Verwaha it construed obtaining rank, and the serpent was a black and around the lives of young it is construed to increase Entourages and black, but green, it devolves Badwin Fleihters of them, though yellow, it devolves enemy when sickness and weakness, though they are red, it devolves enemy ever tribe.

It felt: smooth and alive with wings acting where it is interpreted as chosen obtaining a treasure trove of money kings, said to live in this capacity shall devolve Bboukt seer.

It felt: a living and have legs, it devolves power of the enemy.

It felt: the combined lives of many around him, it shall be construed that Oqguamh his enemies but do not offend him unless Aldgh something from them.

It felt: live with teeth and horns, they accrue a huge venomous enemy in harmless amounts of evil Fleihdhirh.

It felt: that fear alive it will be safe from his enemies and the best and strongest are not familial. It was of the opinion did not hide them alive, but it escaped construed mind and distress.

It felt: he went out of his nose or from mammalian or Ahalilh live it devolves that his son be his enemy.

It felt: a living out of his ear or from the belly button or from the anus, it devolves hostility his dependents.

It felt: a living out of his mouth, it is construed from the words of obtaining sinned speak for him and harmful.

It felt: a living out of his sleeve, it devolves hostility to him and his son.

It felt: he was killed Mkhaddth or live on his bed, they interpreted the death of his wife.

It felt: a living out of the collar or from the anus and entered the land, they shall devolve upon the expiry of eggs and live for it construed enemy is weak.

It felt: that it handles a live fight an enemy and win, he is victorious.

It felt: to live to bite it construed the accession of the hated enemy.

It felt: a living dead, Allah is sufficient for him to show him and promise him what he loves, and he saw a dead short version is reported.

It felt: it is cut in half or some of it live redressed of his enemy.

It felt: he has the beard is not afraid of them, it receives and its high capacity, although the small white, they shall devolve in Jeddah, his job, and was told the small living of any color was interpreted in two ways: a weak enemy or an enemy of his family.

It felt: to seek a living in his hands he laid hold upon his hand, which is afraid it safe for the verse, “Take it do not be afraid Snaidha her first.”

It felt: it has infected live cattle do not have a weapon, it hurt, it affects the money.

It felt: they live large accrue frequent hostility.

It felt: live entered into his mouth receives a great note.

It felt: a snake and it owns his position.

It felt: that the serpent had said it takes in Bzna construed his wife. It was the vision of snakes construed obtaining money for the large number of labeled solvent or a woman and a man who interpreted the dragon and the serpent is a great risk to increase in strength.

It felt: live in the air above the high place it is to gain pleasure.

It felt: a living place, it fell to interpret the death of the President of that place.

It felt: to live on his head, it would be when the owner of the Kings.

It felt: a bowl full of it Lakeat construed hostility to Muslims.

In all, the vision of living accrue ten ways: enmity and frightening live and safety and the Emirate and the Sultanate and the State, woman and child, death and sale. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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