Seeing The Vision of the meat In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of the meat In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of the meat In The Dream Interpretation of Al zahri Vision of the meat

Said Daniel, Revelation meat if cooked, it devolves good and beneficial and easily grilled tired, hardship and raw pain and illness and fatigue, sale and purchase are distressed and calamity and eat human flesh itself indicates the backbiting and gossip in the right family and relatives, and may issue it is regret it and the flesh of human construed alibi, especially those who eat it and the flesh of the crucified construed haraam money from someone Himma Jalil pot and lamb are not cut when he enters the house interpreted the death of one of that house would be the Senate and the section below and above that the butcher construed Angel of Death and take the meat of it construed to death, and was cooked meat Rizk and grace and grilled Rizk also fear for the verse, “on account of them with fear” and that was when he saw the barbecue.

It felt: that his flesh, whether in a skewer or other grilling it is construed with a man, perhaps two and sorrow.

And the flesh of the ram if construed Shui disease.

And the flesh of the sheep disease wife or mother or its substitute.

And lamb, or if serious Shui construed in two ways: either weak or poor children of slaves.

It felt: that he bought the meat from the butcher did not come by it to his house and heal the sick.

It felt: for flesh differentiate between people, it construed the death of man of great distinction and wealth.

It felt: he eats meat, he commits a corrupt prohibited.

It felt: that he ate the flesh of the ram it construed obtaining money from the great destiny.

And meat goats construed disease easily recover after him, and said meat devolves Balawjaa and things and the unknown of a disaster and soft death, and perhaps the absence if the evidence to the contrary of death and salted livelihoods after a disaster and meat starveling losing and dried capital stores and Tasir of Agtiap.

It felt: that in his home Mutton does not know how to come in to him who knows Batsalh construed to benefit or their brothers pleased if this was fat, though the Muslim Brotherhood Mhezwla be poor.

It felt: in his home Msluchh it infects a fat inheritance in the lamb roast if interpreted in three ways: If the mature Aduba be generated, if raw Vddh and grill market gospel.

And the flesh of the snake construed money to eat from his enemy and oppression.

Horse meat and money from pride, and pride and dignity, especially those who eat it.

And the flesh of mule construed dieback disease and those who eat it.

And beef construed health and dyed his hair a year.

And camel meat construed money was the enemy and camel meat in the interpretation of things like camel’s back.

And the flesh with money faction interpreted the orphan and the dieback and recovery after him, and perhaps the benefit of the king.

Ostrich meat and construed money people of the desert.

And venison construed beautiful woman with money.

Meat and swallow the hook indicates that a man who had splits.

The duck shows the money and grace.

And the flesh of a nightingale construed money boy.

And the flesh of the tiger construed obtaining honor and fatigue.

Elephant meat and a lot of money from the king of great Jalil.

Samani and meat and so construed money man treacherous.

And the flesh of Alqubeish construed or money stolen or forbidden riba.

Some of them said that all the meat of animals from lions and monsters Kwasr construed birds of prey with a man by the Kings. The flesh of other birds, if they interpret it, reminding men with money and what it was construed Mantha money and women had eaten the meat is old money and what is not eaten his flesh inclined forbidden, as well as all animals.

The vision of animal flesh water Vtaoelh understood from the door. The flesh of vermin, it construed the enemy with money, as well as some insects and the flesh of every kind have not agreed upon is what is listed on each one at his door.

In all, the vision of the meat shall devolve on five aspects: Finance and rich heritage, grief and misfortune. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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