Vision of the numerator

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the numerator

Of the opinion that the extension of a new carpet and large it receives in this world lived a long and ample provision for the verse, “Allah enlarges the provision for whom He pleases.”Though thick at an undisclosed location, or when it is unknown folk sojourn of his country and his people, and attributed the gain in exile and prestige.

It felt: that he carries on his shoulder collapsed carpet wants to subject a people unknown or unidentified, the worldly affairs has been turned with him and became its consequences in the neck or be concerned in this world in a narrow living.

It felt: he sat down on the table, it attributed the gain and the elevation, and was affixed to the carpet and the minimum capacity in the livelihood and attributes of longevity and a young age and lack of gain attached to grace.

It felt: as if on the table, the war was won in safety, though not in a war that bought the village and the extension of the rug between people known or unknown in the position indicating the involvement of grace among the people of that place.

If the rug and the vision was great construed as eight new ways: pride, honor and prestige and rank and grace, wealth and long life and praise as much bone.

It felt: that the extension of carpet a new and wide, and he knows that it shows his longevity and grace for living Bhinah.

It felt: he sat down on the table in a large home or with his colleagues or his companions, it is better and more grace and quotes in the expression are also provided.

It felt: carpet in the house of a foreigner he does not know the rug is not the place it shows to change the situation he saw the folded or burned it construed his death in exile.

It felt: that the simplicity of it shows a small old palace.

It felt: that the simplicity of a small but broad, it indicates the old palace and the capacity of living.

It felt: that the simplicity of a small and outdated it shows a few years old and living and ill-living, and perhaps took the road is good.

It felt: that simplicity rolled up and carried on his shoulder, it moves from place to place.

It felt: he turned the simplicity and sat upon it shows that he remained a little something old, but few living.

It felt: that the extension of carpet it is collapsed, it opens the doors of livelihood.

It felt: that sitting on the table and a small table beneath a large scale, the interpretation of the big shows on the small, but the small increase is better.

It felt: it was a rolled up carpet Mpsuta and upload to an angle that it construed Bakabbalh home and his country.

It felt: it carries the carpet on the back it shows the many sins and burdens, and carried on his shoulder showed his vision to carry the deposit, especially if the neck.

It felt: he rolled up carpet or gave it to last it shows the expiration of him.

It felt: a small carpet brazen it shows the lack of living and longevity.

It felt: that he has a wide expanse Mkhrka outdated it shows the lack of clarity of living.

And the vision of clean green carpet shows on the capacity of living.

It felt: a wide expanse for the demise of the unknown, it is construed in the hand.

It felt: it surrounds the carpet and so on, it construed the last age should fear God and repent and pattern in the rug increase in the male and the Hassan told Alzleh rug under the same ruling in the expression, but when the other without moving anything.

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