Vision of the pen

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the pen

Of felt pen capability is written in the board saved and interpreted the reading to write the vision be, as they are written, but did not explain the writing, it would be thinking of the creation of God, and see the pen unless the accident is good, though the incident is cluttered willingly or disable the meant from worldly matters. The writing pens interpretations it may, it is believed that the pen in his hand for him to God and a world born virtuous He was said to function and was aware of the verse, “taught by the pen” verse. He writes, although he saw him walk if he is needed and spend.

It felt: its flaws it is against that.

It felt: that the writing does not show the impact of his writing that it was his position to isolate him and his command was not implemented, was viewed by some Senators that his four pens Fbert four jobs and that is the case.

It felt: several pens in his hand is better anyway.

It felt: it rarely Libre and be completed Brighth steer in his affairs, though it Beeft Brighth Dd be so.

It felt: it provides little of the unknown inkwell he commits sin.

It felt: that man is rarely to the Registry, there are two: either to be born to him and come to him as a brother or Dan.

It felt: that the pen is lost or stolen or sold it or break it and there is no better expression to be as much as the seer.

It felt: it is written by a mother there is nothing good in it, and perhaps indicates that near his death.

He said Imam Jafar Sadiq may God be pleased with him: see pen devolve on seven aspects: wisdom, and is aware of and pomp and state.

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