Vision of the rain


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the rain

Said Daniel, Revelation rain construed goodness and mercy of God if the years of the verse, “He who sends down rain after they have despaired, and spreads His mercy,” the inn rain in his time loving people and would be satisfactory, but came down at the wrong time you do not like people and be disgraced, and if the rain was a special such as to comply with the house or place, it is disease or illness and the plight of the scourge, and the rain came down Blessed be the good or benefit.

It felt: that the rain came down in the first year or the first month is happening in that year or the month, prosperity and blessing, and the rain came down like a severe flood caused to the people of that place a great cloud.

The patient felt that he got healed frequent light rain .

But felt rain came down heavily on the frequency Kadra perish in the disease.

It felt: rain came down heavily on the frequency Kadra in his time has always been attached to the people of that place the military and the scourge of disease.

It felt: that he wiped the rain water will be safe from fear.

It felt: it came from every drop of rain drops sound Azza increase the relevance and spread his name in that place.

The saw rain a great inn has been everywhere from the river was not attached to the seer of it damage the fanatical king and stop evil from himself, though he could not cross it could not pay his evil, and that came down from the air water such as rain gets in that place sickness and torment .

It felt: that he drank water from the rain, the net was a good hit, though Kadra disease as much as drinking.

It felt: that rain down from heaven, not as a rain, the kind he loved righteousness, though he hated scourge and sedition.

It felt: that he showered with water or rain, it did wudoo ‘by Salah in his religion and worldly affairs.

In all, the vision of the rain construed twelve face: mercy and blessing and distress and disease and the scourge of war and the shedding of blood and strife and drought, faith and heresy and a lie.

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