Seeing The Vision of the rainy In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of the rainy In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of the rainy In The Dream Interpretationof Al zahri Vision of the rainy

The rain, it is felt that it rain is in the service of kings, it indicates that he smells his name among the people praise and male beautiful, though not in the service of kings, it shall meet upon worldly matters, albeit from a twinge or Dibaj it is not good, although the blue it indicates that sin, and was wet strength and prevention of the scourge and the praise of good and wear them alone is to be with something other than clothes and cosmetics Poverty Index, however, show the richness and bass.

Revelation Shirt

The Shirt, Daniel said: the white shirt shows evidence of religion and was told by a woman.

Ibn Sirin said: man’s shirt that concealed the condition and profitable living.

It felt: a new shirt and a high range, it indicates the Salah case, but otherwise it shows corruption.

It felt: a party of his shirt had burned and torn in its affairs, it would be a compromise between good and evil.

It felt: Emtemozka shirt or dirty or outdated, it indicates poverty, distress and hardship, and perhaps indicates the loss of its owner, perhaps indicated by the corruption of his creation in the world so you do not have money or not earn a living.

It felt: that the king gave him his shirt, and wearing it, it indicates the disappearance of his own.

It felt: that he wear a white shirt underneath and dirty old shirt, it would be contrary to the face inwardly.

It felt: that he wear his shirt upside down, it shows the hypocrisy.

It felt: it torn T-shirt, it indicates to disclose his secret.

It felt: that was a long shirt, it shows the command for the duration of a long, albeit short Fbkhalaffh.

It felt: that he wear a shirt without Zik and without it shows how near him, though Zaiqa from behind the words, it accuses the lie to the verse, “though his shirt was masterminded from lied.”

It felt: that he gave to a T-shirt, and scan it and hand it shows the disappearance of worry and gets his gospel to the verse, “Go, my shirt power is on the face of my father,” the verse.

It felt: his shirt stained with blood, it indicates to get gm of the verse, “They came and lied blood on his shirt.”

And the vision of shirt if it is new and widely construed to six aspects: the vision of people who are religious and bulletproof and living a good and principality and for Murad, Farah, gospel, and was told Shirt for man woman and the woman a man says, “are to dress as you dress them,” and violate the shirt and Tdnasseh poverty they and breach shirt pocket Poverty Index.

But felt as if his Qmassa many showed his vision on the merits of many receive in the Hereafter a great reward, and was told Shirt construed Bmaxb rights and living and his religion and his wife, and would, it is felt that wearing a new shirt for true wide it construed the good and for the intended purpose as stated, but felt otherwise Vtobeirh against him, and perhaps breach Shirt impurity dispersed owner and proliferation concerns and paradox of his wife.

It felt: he wears a shirt with a high or low presence of it in rituals of religion, Salah, especially if the shirt Adenaa.

It felt: he wears a T-shirt T-shirts of the righteous knew the owner had been followed and caught in his own way, although the authors did not know him he asked a certain asceticism and worship.

It felt: he wears a new shirt and it was the charms marry a woman.

It felt: that he gave his shirt Bishara it fine.

It felt: that his shirt does not know he married a woman of the whole does not know the truth about her, but if he was in breach of his shirt and then returned true, it brings together and reunited. If he does.

It felt: that his T-shirt, it has become obsolete and the corruption of the demise of his religion and near him, and was probably de-Shirt in terms of the sentence, if not recurring shows the near-term.

Abu features Muhammad bin Talha al-Qurashi Nusaibi: I saw a quotation from Abu Ishaq al-Kirmani: he saw Yusuf peace be upon him in a dream gave him his shirt Vlbsa and sat by the Learning what open God upon the expression of vision and said if you’ve done and I walked or said I walked to the rotated between Alkhafiqin .

Vision of pants

As for pants able means one to express either a woman or ongoing, it is felt that hit the trousers, it either affects the current or a woman and pulling it out of it band of either death or life, if not a current or a woman it’s up to him in the first leg something to him.

It felt: that Sraoelh breach or kidnapping it shows near him and the expiration of his age, was said pants woman dirty or underway were foreign, it is felt that it was pants have no owner, it marries a woman who has no guardian and the new it shows the pristine and removed sin committed and out of the righteous and corruption and debt-to-wear to something if all of that goodness and shows it off to old to do it is not harmful.

It felt: he has no clothes except panties especially it shows poverty and obscene wear it upside down from the commission of his family and his urine is evidence of carrying his wife and Ngoth the evidence of his anger on his wife.

But felt that Sraoelh dissolved without touching it interpreted the appearance of a woman or under way for men and left her disappearance, low visibility for them, and perhaps shown the vision of pants that were hanging on a journey to people who Oaajm because of their dress and wear women’s panties men construed to marry if single, and may be if the her husband. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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