Vision of the Righteous

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the Righteous

Of the caliphs saw a gauze face with him utter a sound copyright Blaine talk it gets him good in this world and the Hereafter, and he saw an order drawn in by an honor and it affects male high and the sooner the better world and the Hereafter.

It felt: that the Caliph wrote his era complement the state it is still God institutes on religion and piety. It was of the opinion that the Caliph appointed the people on it gets the honor, although the States of the people happened to him that his people do not prevail.

It felt: that the Caliph decorated or carried or Erkph or gave him something of the pleasures of this world, it affects the authority attributed the pride and as much as it is credited with giving.

It felt: that he was punished or two words of the mainland, it has a fit condition or other objects.

It felt: that the Caliph Ikhasamh it gains control and to support its need for his enemies.

It felt: the Caliph Abosa viewed with anger or saw it as a lack or imbalance, it decreases in the religion of the seer and the defect yield to it.

It felt: that he became a successor, if not worthy of fame, it is known for ugly and was up to him bad news or something happens to him, would contribute to the damage, and where the sentence is no good in it.

It felt: he eats with the Caliph in a vase or something that fed it fall ill, sadness as much as eating.

It felt: that he and the caliph on the bed of one he picked for his or July in a place where the judge was told either to marry the woman of the house of the caliph or gods are ongoing.

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