Seeing The Vision of the ring In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of the ring In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of the ring In The Dream Interpretation of Al zahri Vision of the ring

As for the ring, said Daniel: of the ring and knew Saúgh and engraved it construed Besaúgh Whatever the opinion of good or evil was returning it.

It felt: that he gave a ring and said to conclude it, it was fit for the king be a king, though he is rich he gets an increase in the money, though in triumph and the invasion it gains control, although it increased in the ascetic asceticism is measured by the rest of the trades.

It felt: that the king gave him a ring, it gets something of his property or his relatives.

It felt: that the ring has been lost, it gets him in trouble and hardship matters.

It felt: that the ring has been lost lobe gets a defect in some matters.

It felt: that the ring had broken and lost and remained alfalfa, it indicates the disappearance of merit and honor, but the hardness and appearance are the same.

It felt: to ring lobe had broken it indicates otherwise.

It felt: it was endowed with a ring to it come from his wealth and his somewhat.

It felt: that he had sold his ring and took the price, it indicates that it sells some of his money and stores.

The King saw that his ring was lost, it indicates the disappearance of his property .

It felt: that he did not like the formulation of his ring, it goes some money and upset by the king.

It felt: that the ring of gold, all he owns to be disliked and forbidden.

Though silver is owned by all lawful and good .

Although it is iron, what is owned by the dingy humiliated .

Though seven of the metals or hollow or of lead, it would be less contemptible.

It felt: in his finger a ring of iron, it demonstrates the power and wealth, although it is brass it shows for the benefit of a person despicable parent.

It felt: he put a ring at the Secretariat or the gift, and then is restored to him his ring, it preaches a woman is not answered in it.

It felt: he broke his ring 2/2, it indicates the occurrence of division between him and his family.

It felt: that he had found a ring Pfchin agree with each other it shows for the honor and ordered the force to get money and a blessing, though they were not in agreement it shows homosexuality and adultery.

But felt that one of them signed it and left the other one repent of .

It felt: that he had stamped his seal it up in writing by the news hidden, though it is a publication written up the story is common.

It felt: that in his ring finger and it does not wear in real life, it affects the authority and power, or marry a woman and wounding a boy blessed.

It felt: it has a ring and seal it and saw his pomp, it has nothing had ever owned. It was of the opinion that he stamped the seal of silver, it generates a bar was born.

It felt: that the red lobe ring, it generates a born corrupt, though black Woldh proves to humiliation and wretchedness.

It felt: he hit the ring is in the mosque or in prayer or in the way of Allah, it has a woman made of his religion, though a king or a Sultan, it affects the elevation and strength and being with the war, though a merchant hit a profit in his business and got good. It was of the opinion that he gave a ring of gold in the form of rings is not more and no less distasteful hit in religion, though it was carved to praise the good consequences, but otherwise Vtobeirh against him.

It felt: he gave the ring is on the rings, it was gone and there is no inscription does not know its formulation, it is like gold Faúl in two ways: If you did not know the inscription, written in either leg or something owned by the anger of Amira.

It felt: he wears a ring of metal, it is in proportion to the strengths and weaknesses and is expressed according to the seer.

It felt: he wears a ring or saving for alfalfa and Sapphire it is construed that he had pregnant give birth to a daughter and die quickly, but did not have a pregnant it shows her pregnancy, but it captures the charms girl dumped, perhaps indicated by the conscience of something.

It felt: that the lobe aquamarine ring from it live long.

It felt: that some people refer it to the ring, it preaches a people and the Ardonh took him, they accept it.

It felt: that the ring forcibly extracted from him, it goes with him or what his power is attributed to the ring.

It felt: that the ring has been lost, it enters it in his power or his living or what he hates it too hard.

It felt: that he asked his ring in his hand, it gets him going until he is certain is that he can not go to him one thing and ordered him to be good and safety.

It felt: he wears a ring Mbroma or crooked, it was gone, it shall be construed as an order entered into or what happened to him than hate him, but it was opposite is silver.

It felt: that the ring is broken or fallen, and went with him, that construed five ways: go wealth and paradoxically his wife and near him and the death of his son and go merit, and if a woman sees that it is his counterpart, but increasingly the women’s death the people closest to them.

It felt: to ring lobe fell it goes against his power and merit.

It felt: that his finger in a ring with a clove, and it is broken or Angla divorce his wife.

It felt: that the ring or broken ring fell with him and it goes left lobe of his power and keep his money and said the whole.

It felt: that he gave his seal of the gift does not back it up with the money, the donor was known to him that money, though he did not know of an unknown man, and wholesale check that if it does not return him the money last for a period of his life.

It felt: that he gave his ring to a gift is irrevocable, it comes out of some of what has the goodness of the same nuclei refer back to it.

It felt: he sold his ring it affects something on his possessions, and bestowed.

It felt: that the ring lobes lobe of the visible hand clove of its interior, both in wording and Nakechma are similar, this Sultan Zahir and subsoil, and violates one of lobes the other in its drafting, it shall have devolved upon the owner or wearer of two ways: come men and women, or there comes a woman from both sides, the Broke it boot from it.

It felt: that of a seal on the clay, the publication has attributed the gain and honor.

It felt: that the king print it of course his seal, if eligible for state obtained and only won it attributed the honor, and was told the ring king who was his family and lobe prestige because King Solomon peace be upon him was in the ring and the gold which is still his property and when he returned him back his kingdom and the story in so famous.

And told that a man came to Ibn Sirin said: if I saw broken Khatami said that seeing you divorced your wife believed he stayed three days until he divorced her .

It felt: he stamped the seal of the caliph and the Hashemite, Arab hit the mandate of the great, though the pro he dies his father and his successor, though not his father, it turns his command to dispute what he wishes, though externally hit the mandate of the void does not last for him.

It felt: that he was wearing a ring and alfalfa than it originally construed obtaining child or an animal or ongoing purchase or house and turning the ring lobe of the interpreted position of the kings of supervising the insulation and other climate conditions.

It felt: that the ring Pfchin, if it is owned by an increase in his property, even if a trader is a profit to him from the face of buying and selling, but if he knew it testifies to the orbits of the people of this world and religion.

It felt: he borrowed a ring, it has nothing do not keep him, as well as if the king saw that it was not a ring engraved in it.

It felt: that the ring of silver alfalfa, it shows the joy of its owner, but strongly. It was the vision of the ring if the silver shows the joy, comfort and gold ring in a man’s finger in his religion heresy and betrayal in his treatment. It was the vision of the mandate of the lobe ring and for women husband OK.

In all, the vision of the ring shall devolve on the eight aspects: Born and money and the mandate of the living and the Custodian and the high rank and decoration and the job. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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