Vision of the Ring

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the Ring

The ring it for the state, and if it is studded reported in the state and be in the height as much as the value of the ring and be famous for honesty and fairness in that state.

It felt: in the neck gasket and it was the plaintiffs it shows that his claim that it is Flanah or tribe of people Vlanyen not only lie in his claim.

It felt: in the neck gasket of some gold, and was of the righteous, it indicates the pilgrimage, and that was all of gold, it shows you want to win.

It felt: that in the neck ring of gold or any metal was one of the people and the corruption it Bamaana construed in corruption and had committed a sin and heedless in his affairs and his betrayal of its secretariat should fear God and fit between him and God and stop from harming people.

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