Vision of the seas


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the seas

They draw on and expressing the Investigation and the assets and subsidiarity.

Daniel said: the vision of the seas never devolves caliphate or Sultan or the world Fadel learned from his knowledge, it saw the sea calm it be fine just the religion of the king, though otherwise Vtobeirh against him .

It felt: that it gets a drink from him, which is attributed to the good and benefit of the sea.

It felt: that he drank Sea Society, it receives a great king that was worthy of it.

It felt: that he came down the sea and diving until it reached the hall and the contamination of the mud it up to him by the Sultan is worried and distressed.

It felt: that he came down by sea, a floating, it locked up.

It felt: it is floating in the sea can not find him loyal and does not see it land for a disaster for the king is so great salvation of which can not be.

It felt: that he drowned in the sea and then it escaped him drown in worldly matters and Mhanha then get rid of it.

It felt: that he viewed the sea from afar, it almost did not hope it will hopefully not up to it.

It felt: he walked on the face of the sea did not get wet feet, it survived the fire of hell and be a reformer in the world.

It felt: that drink from the sea is cold it gets between him and a quarrel, but if he knew it gets him from knowing what is its purpose, though it depends King castrating him in his affairs.

It felt: that drinking hot water from the sea it is a disaster and they get worried and distressed to the verse, “a close and irrigated water.” Though unpleasant taste and smell it for the predominance of his opponent, and perhaps moodiness live by the King.

It felt: that the sea is dry it is a lack of Lashkar-e-King, and was probably perished.

It felt: that he drank sea phrase did not even see anything from him that he delayed it owns the property or note, and he gains if it is eligible for it, otherwise it is to get the nail.

It felt: that a thing of the animal, sea word, it allows the mystery of the king.

It felt: that the sea water and Haag Tlatmt waves and blackened by the world it is evidence of corruption and disobedience, and the large number of sin and the sins of the verse, “that appears in waves topped by waves of clouds above it.”

It felt: that out of the sea for livelihood eaten it from the face of a solution.

It felt: that he drank from the sea water is valid, it is gaining money from the face of fresh money is haram and halal.

It felt: that he took out something from the sea, whether from the types of metals or gems or other, which did not deny he is like him in real life for good and benefit, and either deny it like fingernail, though the scholars it is an increase in knowledge.

It felt: that he took out something harmful, it has the enemy king.

In all, the vision of the sea construed to six aspects: the king and head and the world of science, money and run large. It was the vision of the sea shows a man Jalil Karim, has said some of the poets:

Generous gifts and talents … his hand over the sea, the ocean if Atta

Fresh and dry sea death of the Caliph and the sea are higher and the strife and tyranny of the verse, “Verily the water was dominated by” verse .

Drowning and indicates the commission of sin and show great heresy and death in the drowning death indicates that the non-Islam, and perhaps indicates the drowning man in the sea on the one hand, severe exhaustion Sultan .

It felt: like a drowning dive and make the time and the other floats and moves his hands and it obtained the status of the state.

It felt: that he came down the sea and then back it out of him in this world of religion and righteousness, and may have been drowning in the safety of travel. It was of the opinion that he was standing on the sea surface, it affects a thing of the Sultan did not Ergh.

It felt: that the sea has risen from the earth is Sultan Gshawm unjust.

It felt: that the lack of the sea and the bay became Satan weakens and goes for the country and affects people’s good.

It felt: that he entered the sea, it is subject to the Sultan, though he was sick of his illness intensified.

It felt: that he came out of the sea, it affects the Sultan of good and goes with him worry and grief.

It felt: that swim in the sea it is a disease or are before the Sultan left the lips of God and Faraj, his main concern.

It felt: it cut off by sea to the other side lies in their fear and recognizes him and said to have survived.

It felt that it is permissible, it travels by sea and go worry and good cast.

It felt: that the sea Tamia case between him and the road, traveling the way it goes, and perhaps by the Sultan of disability or plight.

It felt: that the sea overwhelmed it affects them often, especially if one hundred, and the cloudy solution.

It felt: that he swam in the sea, it is treated it is and shall be confined in that and it affects as much as treated in the pool.

It felt: that diving into the sea and missed the view, however, the intensity of it was fear of death from the hands of people or die a martyr, a martyr because the drowning man, and perhaps his death was sudden and therefore the sins of the verse, “which Khtiiathm helpers.”

It felt: it is drowning in a sea of ​​drowning in this world are some of the Arabs to say so and so drowned in bliss.

It felt: that dive into the sea to see any of it, it tends to be ordered and the amount of that as much as what came by.

It felt: it takes water from the sea of ​​the Sultan received the money or collect on the note of the amount of infected water.

It felt: that he had taken water from the sea prevented Vtobeirh against him.It was the vision of the Tigris construed caliphate.

And the vision of the Roman king of the Euphrates interpreted .

And the vision of Sihon king of India accrue .

And the vision of Gihon interpreted by King of Khorasan .

And the vision of the Nile King of Egypt devolves .

It felt: that the sea may stop walking it disables the conditions of the king.

It felt: that the sea did not entrust Random place where the king or his soldiers pass by.

The sea of ​​blood if it shows temptation gets the bloodshed.

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