Vision of the sock

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Sock: (See Stocking)

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the sock

As for the sock, Daniel said: vision sock in the days of winter goodness and blessing in the summer cloud and sorrow and expressing disagreement in the interpretation of the sock.

It felt: that in his feet slippers wearing a weapon the enemy, deny him, though not with the weapon he fall ill, the cloud of grief, especially if the sock tight, though the sock from Adam, it preaches a woman and gets her it as much as what he sees as the good that the sock.

It felt: he wears slippers upside down, it indicates the disappearance of worry and grief.

It felt: he wears slippers and was among those who wear it in real life it is they and fear fall ill, or Kidd or imprisonment or death and was told that those who do not has the habit of wearing it, and the usual so it’s survival of fear and security for the verse, “and with security against fear” Fastdloa so pronunciation No reason for the revelation of the verse, and perhaps the prevention of hardship, and was probably traveling at sea.

It felt: that he had appeared slippers Mtakrgin their legs, it affects the respite, money and HB.

It felt: that grabbed a hidden or violate it or thinks it goes half his money, and I went together Khvah all his money went. It was of the opinion that wearing slippers, it marries two women.

It felt: he bought a lot of skin Khvava grief or to devote his or Hazha in any way indicates that it was for money and by the grace of that and puts them on the naive Well if it is new, it marries construed Bakr.

It felt: that the hidden until rupture, which was left wearing something under his foot, it indicates the death of his wife and was told it does not matter what happens to the legs of the vulva.

It felt: it is lightweight rip on it usually construed to be for pleasure and, though in prison, it comes out of it and broke the sock death of a woman and was told to go moccasins if there is no salvation, it devolves from worry and stress.

It felt: it enters the mold it in camel marry a woman.

It felt: that Okhvaffh took place in a well or so he called his wife, and sold the lightness of the strange foreigner, it indicates the death of his wife, and that eased her husband stole it indicates the occurrence of the scourge.

It felt: that the lions, wolves, proven lightweight and torn it shows that young people traveled to his wife.

The vision of the sock if Lena and men to be comfortable when Faúl on seven aspects: a woman and a slave server, strength, and live, and the benefit of the nail. With regard to wearing socks is a travel shop and Daiqama shows a narrow, religion and their provisions and Daiqama indicates that after the vagina but what is evidence of concern, what the judge is removed from the vagina, but Ertjy proximity because the matter if the Fed had consequences vulva and new moccasins and prevention of money, and if wearing Kamal Almbos socks for people with positions it fully in the wealth and capacity to live.

It felt: that under the feet of lightweight violate it shows Buthaib marriages.

It felt: that he is wearing two layers Mnala it fall ill, they are by his wife, and perhaps the feud between them.

It felt: that the hidden area at the bottom of it and marry a woman with her son.

It felt: he wears red slippers, it was intended he should delay travel time because that is not easy for the traveler Mahmoud.

It felt: it enters the mold it in camel marry a woman, and knew the color of the sock The term women’s everlasting.

It felt: that stole the afflicted are hidden because they are ornamental and prevention.

It felt: that he did not hit the slippers worn it affects the money from a foreigner. It was the most appropriate vision of the white socks of yellow.

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