Vision of the stick


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the stick

As for the stick, Ibn Sirin said: honest man Jalil much as the stick and the essence and strength.

It felt: that he leaned on the stick asks what it finds with the help of an honest man.

It felt: that long stick in his hand he reaches his goal, but failed to Vddh.

It felt: that the stick in his hand, the man became a living Sharif, who was his friend becomes an enemy.

It felt: that he replaced his stick to other it shows his death.

It felt: that his staff spoke to him a blessing it alive and get him good and benefit.

It felt: that he hit someone with his stick, it simplifies it to his tongue for saying peace be upon him for the preferred bin Abbas: Do not raise your stick on your family means your tongue.

It felt: it hit a stone with his stick exploded from the water, the sacked if he is poor, though rich grew rich, and may have been blessed with easy on him “hit the rock with thy rod,” the verse.

It felt: that he relied on his staff and it depends on the man of great destiny, and perhaps the mandate of the verse in the story of Moses, peace be upon him, “said Asai Otoko is the” verse.

The stick placed Vtúl a man with a malignant hypocrisy because the origin of the wood, and was impervious to the stick man Hasib the hypocrisy.

It felt: that a stick in his hand, it uses a man be called and as he gains Bteke Zafar Moses Pharaoh.

It felt: he sat at meat hollow stick it out his money goes and hides it from the people.

It felt: as if broken, the merchant had lost, though the ruler humiliation.

It felt: like a stick shift quickly died.

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