Vision of the truth


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the truth

The honesty and faith in it, and was told the truth of faith, it is considered that it is increasingly true religion, but felt that it delivers an unbeliever.

Vision of dance

The dance it indicates misfortune, disease, and scandal, and was probably dancing mockery governor update this place.

In all, the vision of dance interpreted in three ways: g and calamity and scandal.

Vision Pickling

The pickling is of three types: pickling beard and teeth and fingers. The pickling beard it shows the pomp and acceptance.

The vision and dental pickling Balkhalal it no good for an active and effective because it provides Mhbh Ens speech on the teeth and express it.

It felt: that pickled his teeth and out of anything it takes nothing from his family gave the order to a del to give that thing, and was told pickling may be indicative of the cleanliness and the removal of something hated.

The vision of pickling fingers Faúl hygiene and follow the good things, and was probably Mnakhh between man or married children.

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